Why should you plan a Kerala tour post-pandemic?

Kerala Tour Post-Pandemic

Kerala is an irresistible tourist destination. With its lush greenery, historical monuments, and rich culture, Kerala beckons tourist to it. The state had a respectable place in the tourism map of India. Nature lovers asked for Kerala tour packages and frequented the land in the hope of being close to mother nature. They named it ‘God’s own country’ because of this exquisite beauty and pleasant climate.

But with the pandemic spreading like a raging fire, all tourist destinations in Kerala had to be closed down and international travel had to be banned. Getting out of one’s own home was frowned upon. This lockdown continued for almost a year. However, with the discovery of vaccination for COVID-19 and the earnest efforts of the governments to get it to everyone, life started to get back to normal. The tourism industry slowly started to gain momentum, even with the restrictions.

Kerala’s Safety Precautions

The stunning backwaters, exotic beaches and pleasant climate are not the only factors that attract tourists to Kerala. The land also has a rich history that extends back thousands of years. The cave paintings at Edakkal, stone-carved temples, and majestic palaces and forts testify to it. Tourists used to pour in from different parts of the world to these destinations until the pandemic plugged the flow.
After the pandemic struck, the tourism department came up with new strategies to make Kerala a tourist hotspot again. Most of the ideas directly or indirectly helped to make Kerala a safe tourist destination.

Here are some of the factors that make Kerala a safe tourist destination for tourists.

1. Vaccination

Vaccinating the general public is the first strategy the government adopted to curb the pandemic. Kerala government conducts regular vaccination drives to make its population resilient to the COVID-19 disease. The drives were a huge success as most people got vaccinated. At first, people above 60 were given preference as they were most vulnerable. Later the drive was extended to those above the age of 18. As of September 2021, it is estimated that almost 80% of the population got the first dose vaccine.

2. Bio-bubble security

The tourism department of Kerala recently announced a bio-bubble strategy to rejuvenate the tourism sector. The idea is to create a bio-secure bubble in a tourist destination by vaccinating everyone there. Tourists can visit the land without the fear of getting affected by the disease.

3. General awareness

Another factor that helps Kerala fight the pandemic effectively is its high literacy rate. The general population is aware of the dangers posed by the disease and everyone is careful. People adhere to social distancing norms and wear masks. This care is a relief for any tourist visiting the land.

4. Sanitization

Finally, you can see every public place is equipped with a provision for washing hands, or at least sanitizing them. Moreover, most public places are regularly sanitized. Tourists hence need not worry about the virus lurking on the surfaces.


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