Kanyakumari – A spiritual vibe

It was the month of February in 2019, my husband was on an official trip to Trivandrum. The next two days being a weekend, I accompanied him too so that we can plan a small trip to Kanyakumari from Trivandrum which was hardly 100 KM from there. He wrapped his work and we head towards Kanyakumari. Well, this place needs no introduction, only a place in India where we can see the sunset and sunrise over the waters. It gives a feel of the sun coming from the sea and going into the sea. Kanyakumari is surrounded by three water bodies: the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian sea. The meeting point of all these three water bodies is also called "Sangam Triveni".

We reached Kanyakumari at around 3 PM. The main agenda was to see the beautiful sunset today. We had our lunch in the hotel and head for the sunset point. Luckily, there was parking available near this point. The place was quite lively as many vendors were selling local food items and souvenirs. Being Friday, it was quite crowded. We got a good spot to witness this iconic view. I have always been a great fan of sunset and sunrise but this view was unique. I have never seen these many shades in the sky.

Kanyakumari Devi Temple 1We returned to the main market, took a stroll. Kanyakumari is a small place so do not expect much. We visited Kanyakumari temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kumari. The architecture is unique and attracts many tourists. We had our dinner and came back to the hotel.

On our second day, we woke up early as sunrise was something which we do not want to miss. Sunrise point was 10 mins walk from our hotel. We reached 15 minutes before sunrise but the place was fully packed with tourists. Luckily, we got some space to witness this moment. For a few seconds, it felt like a ball of fire coming out of the sea. I am short of words to describe this. While returning to our hotel, a local vendor was selling some authentic breakfast, we tried some of them.

We packed our bags and checked out of the hotel. We booked a ferry to visit Vivekananda Rock and Thiruvalluvar statue. Spent our afternoon here on the Island enjoying the wind. While returning, we spent some time at Kanyakumari beach also. This was a short trip for us but we enjoyed every bit of it.

Kanyakumari has limited things to do but all of them are unique in their way.

There are a few tips that I wanted to share.

  1. Please wear appropriate clothes because Kanyakumari is considered to be a spiritual place so we should not hurt sentiments of any religion.
  2. Wear shoes which can be removed easily, because every other place will have to remove your shoes.
  3. Wear socks to save your feet from heat.
  4. Do not expect to get non-veg.
  5. Plan your trip on full moon day if at all possible

Whether you are religious or not but Kanyakumari has something for everyone. Enjoy some calm, serene and positive vibes here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, do plan and share your experiences with us.

Happy Tripping!


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