Kerala Gets Featured on Time Magazine

Kerala : TIME List Kerala Among World’s Top 50 Destinations To Explore

Did the blog title ring a wow in your mind? Yes, Kerala is here with a fresh travel vibe as Time Magazine has noticed this prized land of nature.

If travel is on your mind, then Time's Magazine has some excellent trip suggestions for all of you this year. In 2022, Time Magazine listed Kerala- God's Own Country, as one of the greatest places that people can visit in 2022. With a wide variety of Kerala tourist places to explore, this is certainly something that every traveler ought to see. Depending on whether you love to laze around indoors, be sun-kissed on the beaches, or even trek around in the misty hill stations, Kerala is one awesome place to plan for your next vacation. With lovely monsoon vibes waving at your weekends, you can venture into the much visited eco-tourism hotspots in Kerala under the guidance and assurance of the holiday travel experts – Funday Holidays. This is one of the expert holiday companies in Kerala that focuses on customized holiday trips in Kerala and the nearby states also. Depending on our budget and time frame, and type of group or solo travel, these travel lovers will set a fine holiday trip for you.

By the way, do you know that Kerala is one of the very few places in India, that gives you the feel of some of the favored travel destinations on the global front? We ain't telling you for fun, but this is true. For instance, right from the north of Kerala, we will you through each district of Kerala to understand the magic that this tiny state holds. For those, who love to sit back and tuck the city chaos for a while, step into a Kerala zone where you meet tranquil landscapes, lonely wildlife that is left to survive amongst man, and of course a hospitable culture that keeps drawing every tourist for more. With Funday Holidays, you can experience a smaller version of Switzerland’s beauty right in Kerala. Not sure? Come on as we take you for a virtual tour of what these guys do for their travel lovers.

List of Places that Kerala tourist places that every traveler loves

Athirappilly waterfalls

Feel the splash of cool water sprinkle an air of positivity and happiness in this pristine place.

Are you a traveler by heart?

Then you can’t miss this lovely collection of eco-tourist places in Kerala and we have placed Athirapilly first to start this exciting travel trail,

Where is Athirappilly, Kerala?

It is based in the Thrissur district of Kerala, and is home to some of the most traditional cultural events in Kerala,

How to reach Athirappilly?

You can reach the place by road, or bus as they are easily viewable on the road itself.

When to visit Athirappilly?

You need to see the place from May to December, as the waterfalls will be a lush and exciting sight to view.

Activities to do:

You can easily break free from your stress once you take a dip from this place. The cool waters are a natural cure to cleanse our mind and body from deep within.

Munnar Tea Estate Valleys

Set your heart in the Mini Switzerland of India- Munnar. This is a gorgeous hill station that leaves you in awe of the natural beauty.

Where is Munnar, Kerala?

Munnar is a quaint town in the Idukki district and is nestled in between three massive rivers – Kundala, Nallathani, and Munthirapuzha.

How to reach Munnar?

Travelers can get down at Cochin airport and then have a road drive of about 143 km to reach this place.

When to visit Munnar?

Head for this magical place between October to the summer-laden March, as you can keep cool and away from the blistering heat.

Activities to do:

Visit Blossom Park, the TATA tea museum, Mattuppetty Dam, Cheeyappara waterfalls, and the lovely Indo-Swiss dairy farm.

Vagamon, a land of heavenly bliss

If adventure, grassy valleys, and a tryst with nature are on your mind, welcome to one of the best eco-tourist hotspots in Kerala Vagamon.

Where is Vagamon, Kerala?

This is located in the Idukki district, a high-range mountainous area that is perfect for adventure sports holidays,

How to reach Vagamon?

You can reach the palace via air flight, train, or the roadways, For this flight, you need to get down at Cochin airport and take a cab to the place. Or else, for the railways, you need to get down at the Kuttikanam railway station. Then take a cab to the palace. The roadways are the best and you will love this span of scenic beauty.

When to visit Vagamon?

Go to the misty spots anywhere between September to Mya to get the full benefit of outdoor trips, treks, and gliding adventure sports.

Activities to do:

You can indulge in mountain climbing, paragliding, trekking, and a lovely venue for clicking photos from these high photos. Did you know that Vagamon is listed among the top paragliding venues in India? Go for it with our adventure specialist, you will love it!

The Iconic Canal Cruise at Munroe Island

This is one of the hidden hotspots that not many know about. The place is perfect for those who love to enjoy nature without much noise and enjoy good well deserved rest and excellent food.

Where is Munroe Island, Kerala?

It is within the Kollam district and a small cluster of tiny islands has been collectively called Munroe Island.

How to reach Munroe Island?

When you book Kerala tour packages, this aspect will be covered by our team and you don't have to worry. However, you can get down at the Trivandrum Airport and arrange a cab to take you to the Island.

When to visit Munroe Island?

Tourists are most welcome to visit the place from October to May as the climate is pretty breezy and safe to visit. Once the monsoon sets in, the high tides could spoil the trip.

Activities to do:

Here you have to see one of the largest lakes in Kerala and that is the Ashtamudi lake, then go for lovely canoe tours and enjoy a local boat ride.

Peaceful Alleppey Houseboat Rides

The land of lagoons, fish, and hospitality is loved from every angle, so be ready to be spoilt with the hospitable culture here.

Where is Alleppey, Kerala?

Know as the Venice of the East, it stands to be a district that is near Cochin city and that which survives primarily on agriculture and fishing.

How to reach Alleppey?

It is about 75 kilometers from Cochin International Airport and you can reach there by cab service or even the local bus service.

When to visit Alleppey?

You can visit any time apart from the Kerala monsoon months. So that means you can visit the lake from September to April, as the lake is calm and you can step out without being drenched in the heavy monsoon showers.

Activities to do:

Of course, if you are in Alleppey all time favorites would be going for house boating and enjoying a lot of local seafood in the area. Then don't miss Pathiramanal Island and Marari Beach.

Adventure Perfect Wayanad Hill Stations

Head to the green carpet of bliss at Wayanad to get enticed in a world of purity and uncomplicated village lives.

Where is Wayanad, Kerala?

Known to be the prized queen of the Western Ghats, Wayanad lures people from across the world to be amazed by lovely caves, resorts, and waterfalls.

How to reach Wayanad?

For those outside Kerala, take the train to the city of Kozhikode, and then book a cab to Wayanad, You can also book a sleeper bus for this trip if you have a large group of travelers. This is about 85 kilometers and may take about 3 hours if there is not much traffic,

When to visit Wayanad?

As the place is known to be a mini Meghalaya as you can see mist-laden mountains and wildlife that carelessly linger on the roads. It is great to visit the palace any time between September to May, as the place is super cool. If you want to escape the hot summer in your city.

Activities to do:

Some of the best places to visit are the Soochipara waterfalls, Edakkal Falls, Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, the famous Thrunelli temple, and many more.

Breezy Kozhikode Beaches

One of the oldest spice markets in Kerala existed in Kozhikode better known as Calicut. It was one of the most visited places during the British rule for business, as it was called the City of Spices.

Where is Kozhikode, Kerala?

This vibrant city is at the southernmost tip of Kerala and is known to be the place where Vasco da Gama landed in 1498.

How to reach Kozhikode?

You can reach the place from any district of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadi via train and taxi services. You can get down at the Calicut International Airport and go to visit this historic city.

When to visit Kozhikode?

Visit the beautiful ethnically rich place throughout the year, as every month you will come across various events, fairs, and festive celebrations to enjoy.,

Activities to do:

Some Kerala tour packages that every Calicut traveler should visit are Beypore, Kozhippara Falls, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Payyoli, Mother of God Cathedral, Thali Temple, and many more.

Natural Thekkady Wildlife

Thekkady is a naturally conserved area in Kerala, as this is known to have some of the most protected jungles, tiger reserves, and many rare plant species.

Where is Thekkady, Kerala?

Thekkady is in the Idukki district and you would need a whole day or two to cover this lovely place. It is near the famous Periyar National Prak- the home of most Indian species of wildlife.

How to reach Thekkady?

So, when you visit Idukki via Cochin Aiport or Kottayam railway station, we as the travel experts in Kerala can arrange a trekking trip for you in Thekkady

When to visit Thekkady?

The beauty here is you can visit Thekkady at any time of the year. Even during the monsoons, it received a few showers, but not excessive. So, plan to embrace the wilderness anytime for your next holiday trip to Kerala

Activities to do:

As we mentioned before, you can see the Periyar Tiger Reserve, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Mullaperiyar Dam, Spice Gardens, and many more heritage venues that are great for culture lovers.

Idukki – The Land of Solace

Bestowed with a lush nature filled space, Idukki is one of the noted places to visit in Kerala.

Where is Idukki, Kerala?

This lovely village is on the southern edge of Kerala and a part of Painavu town. The climate remains cool, and misty for the whole day, making it an excellent spot for spice plantations business.

How to reach Idukki?

For those who touch the International Cochin Airport, a road drive of about 97 kilometers by road or bus will help you reach the destination. Or else, you can get travel from Kochi to Kottayam via train and then take a cab to reach the place. With Funday Holidays, you can be assured that we arrange all the transport as part of your Kerala tourist places trip here.

When to visit Idukki?

Idukki is a calm and cool place and during the monsoons, it is one of the romantic venues to enjoy. However, if you want to visit the plantations, you might book a trip to Kerala between October to March,

Activities to do:

You can visit the Cheruthonni Dam, Idukki Dam, Gavi Forests, and the magical swirl-filled waterfalls at Anchuruli Waterfalls, the second largest peak in the Ghats – Meesapullimala is a few must-visit places in Idukki.

Poovar Paradiscal Retreat Stay

Bliss is everywhere, once you step into Poovar Island- the land of scenic and idyllic beaches.

Where is Poovar Island, Kerala?

Step down at the Trivandrum International Aiport and

How to Reach Poovar?

You can reach the balance within 50 minutes by road. You can also go to the Trivandrum railway station or take the bus and then go to this island.

When to visit Poovar?

The place is great to visit all year round. However, from October to February, you can enjoy a breezy climate with less rain in this area.

Activities to Do:

You can visit Poovar Beach, Poovar Island Resort, Arjun backwaters, and various temples in Poovar and Trivandrum. It is perfect for honeymooners and families, as you can enjoy more scenery and not a lot of off-road adventure.

Okay, do you have a weekend or holidays for Raksha Bandhan coming up or probably even Diwali? Just give us a call and we will chart a superb travel planner in Kerala where you can enjoy the best eco-tourist places in Kerala on your own budget, Sounds fair? Let's connect.



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