Why Monsoon Is The Best Time to Visit Kerala?

Why monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala? – Tourist should consider monsoon as the best time to visit Kerala

If the beauty of this tropical haven has to be seen, then it has to be during the rainy season or the monsoons as the world knows it. This vacation, spend time in Kerala and blend into the mystical side of nature where each water body, waterfall, and many tourist destinations will have a magical story to share with you.

Nestled right at the bottom of the Southern tip of India, the natural visuals that Kerala offers are a soothing treat for all. Whether you are planning solo travel for men or women, or friends together, a corporate fun picnic, or even a family Kerala tour, head for this vibrant state in the monsoons.

Many quite feel that the cloudy skies, the rainy days, and the messy terrains may spoil a vacation. But, here at Funday Holidays, we know how to transform those days into utterly romantic and fun-filled days. So, if you are ready to book your next vacation to Kerala in the Monsoon season, we have plenty of reasons too!

What should tourists carry when they come for a rainy vacation in Kerala?

Get your umbrella, rain jacket, and rubber sandals ready
Always have a few clothes that are thin mostly like polyester, and nylon. This helps the clothes to dry.
You can have good cotton clothes, and socks, in case it gets a bit too cold and windy.
Make sure to have food from reputed restaurants only and never from street-side vendors.
Try having hot foods like Chai or Indian tea and simple food while on a vacation during the rainy season.
Make sure you keep children warm in the right clothing so that they can get out and remain healthy too.
Spend your time in a number of activities like backwater boats, enjoy hot fish dishes, explore waterfalls, take a dip in freshwater grounds, and explore road trips, too.
In the case of Kerala, since there is a multicultural society existing in almost all areas of the state, you can out spicy, bland foods, plenty of sweets, fried pakoras, the famous Kerala Onam Payasams and so much more.
Do not miss having those luxurious vegetarian 5-course meals that are eaten with banana leaves.

Should we visit Kerala during the Monsoons?

This is a common question most tourists ask our travel experts as we say Yes always! The reason is that Kerala is home to some of the most awe-inspiring waterfalls. They are pretty full, gushing, and magical when the raisin hits the ground. Be part of this, enjoy the drizzle near the waterfall, and feel energized.

If you are a nature lover and would love to teach your children about nature in a budget-friendly manner, Kerala should be your pick.

Why are the Kerala magical backwaters so special for every trip?

Nature Connection: To begin, you are on a continual date with nature, and village life, and everything here is so rejuvenating and refreshing.

Houseboats: Once you reach Alleppey, get in one of the luxurious houseboats, and see a large chunk of Kerala agriculture, paddy fields, water bodies, and the lovely culture during such a ride. The food is super fresh, caught straight from the freshwaters and served hot.

Culture: An extended family is what you will experience. From the time you land in Kochi or Trivandrum airport, our team will escort you and take your entire journey in the most customized manner.

Ayurvedic Treatments: Kerala is a land of age-old aesthetic Ayurvedic Massages. Take appointments and enjoy oil massages, have therapeutic baths, and be amongst nature to help the body’s toxins clear out from your mind and body.

What are the best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoons?

Alleppey: This happens to be on our list, as these tropic backwaters are a sight to behold. Apart from the flora and fauna, it is a lifestyle that amazes tourists. People live in water, and their warm cultures will make your day so fulfilling. Take a houseboat drive and experience this.

Athirappally Falls: For those, who love to see a replication of Niagara Falls in India, come with the Athirappally Falls. This is also situated near a biodiversity hub of endangered species. So, go ahead and visit the place between June – September.

Mararikulam: A relatively calm beach, that a nature lover will adore. You can find a large variety of butterflies, turtles, and many plants in this zone. Plus, this is a clean beach, where families can enjoy their privacy too.

Varkala Beach: Once you land at Trivandrum airport, you can straight get fresh at your choice of stay and move to Varkala Beach. They have a super clean beach, some nearby temples, great snacks, and plenty of views to soak in.

There are a lot more places, but these few places can make your vacation very pleasurable. During the monsoons, Kerala is safe and you do need to inform the travel expert about where you want to explore, just so that we can guide you on the climate, traffic, etc. Get in touch with Funday Holidays, Kerala travel experts, and see the best choices of travel hotspots to explore this time in Kerala.


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