15 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Kerala?

Winter Holiday in Kerala? 15 Reasons why you must visit Kerala

Holidays are the best when you are immersed in the beauty of nature. This is why Kerala happens to be one of the tourist hotspots in India at all times. Winter holidays are special as most schools are closed and it is the best time for Honeymoons to happen too. For a winter holiday, always head off to Kerala. Do you know why winter is considered the best time to visit Kerala? It is one season where you mostly get to see snow all around and if you do like the super cold factor in life, then winters are a bit of a problem.

But in the case of Kerala, even those who don't like the cold will love the place, as it has a pleasant balance of weather and landscapes. We have 15 Reasons why Kerala should be your Winter Holiday Choice this year. Take a look at God's own country and take the sweetest of memories back home. Our travel experts at Funday Holidays can help you understand why tourists love the Kerala ambiance in the winter season

15 Reasons why Kerala should be your Winter Holiday Choice

1. Best Season in Kerala – Winter

Yes, it is true! From the month of September to February, Kerala owns the best climate for tripping across natural landscapes. It has pleasant weather, where the winds sway in, the humidity level is low and the places are kept to be explored at any time of the day.

Just to give you a general idea about Kerala’s climate, it is normally humid that can be anywhere between 20 C – to about 37 C. But in the winter season, the temperatures exist between 10 C- 28 C, making the climate very pleasant. It is super breezy with hardly any sunlight making each trip such a peaceful adventure in nature. By Christmas time, you will love the early evening and early morning mist that snuggles you every time you go for a walk. It is chilling, but not freezing, so you do not have to wear thermals to head to Kerala! Still, a comfy cardigan would be good for those who feel the cold easily. Our tip that just saved your baggage space!

2. Peak Tourist Season

If the climate is that good, it makes sense why people love to visit Kerala in winter. There is a green carpet of nature that is always so refreshing in every corner of Kerala. The peak travel season is all about a nice climate, and clean roads, and you can opt for outdoor trips, holidays at the beach, Ayurvedic massages, cool treehouse stays, and so many adventures like mountain hiking. Once the rains come in, you can enjoy the rains, but that is now what you have come in for, right? When you get to go to the palaces, see the historical museums and palaces of Kerala, which has to do in the winter months.

3. A Diverse variety of landscapes

Speaking about Kerala, this page won't be sufficient to explain the plethora of places you can visit in Kerala from September to March. For the hippie in you, bookmark and don't miss the Kochi Carnival. For the dreamer in you, don't miss Munnar hill stations and Bekal Fort, Kumarakom boat rides, Kozhikode beaches, and lots more. Then we have not missed the trek lovers and Kerala has plenty to offer. You can have enough options to go to the mountains for paragliding, cycling, rugged trek routes, and more. Then on the last point of thought, for nature lovers, who love spending time with time, we suggest you head off to one of the most known ecologically conserved natural parks in the world like the Parambikulam Tiger Research, Gavi Forests, Athirapally Falls, Silent Valley National Park and even more.

4. Low Rain and More Outdoor Activities

With less or hardly any rain, the air remains crisp, yet not heavy with moisture or dry. Feel light, fresh, and not sweaty as you go for a holiday during the winter months in Kerala. You can plan various outdoor activities like trekking, surfing, wildlife walks, and plantation visits and make the most of your time outside. The climate is perfect and you can enjoy the hilly areas without the risk of slippery areas and heavy rains. So, the misty waterfalls, along with a dip in the cool beaches, and exploring the Edakkal caves are an experience that you need to have in person. The beauty of Kerala is that all the places you see are mostly created by natural causes or have a lot of historical value hailing from the royal era of the ruling dynasty and colonial rule.

5. Affordable Travel Packages

While most countries will call for a luxury winter holiday trip, in Kerala the holidays can be a piece of cake. The travel packages are highly affordable – whether you are going with your bestie, single, as a family, or even for a honeymoon trip. The travelers who reach Kerala are diverse and come with the sole aim to spend some peaceful time away from gadgets and embrace the lovely nature and good food that surrounds them. In winter, you can have a wide choice of places to visit as the weather and mode of transport will be in abundance to choose from. If you want to book in advance with tour experts in Kerala, we can help you take huge deals in Kerala tour packages during this time. It can be for a large group of friends or even a single – we have tailor-made tour packages to Kerala always.

6. Organic Cuisines

Enjoy the freshest catch of fish, and farm fresh vegetable harvest for every meal. Kerala is on the whole a self-sufficient state where you get organic produce comes to the table. So, for those who have been bugged with canned foods all their life, this would be a fresh change to your diet and beauty on the whole.

7. Low Pollution

Since you are entering a zone where nature is all around you, you can easily be allured by this fresh change. Keep technology away while you are in Kerala, to enjoy its beauty to the fullest. When you come in the winter, there is less summer dust, and heat, so the climate and the general ambiance are less polluted.

8. Impressive Hospitality

We won't let you take this from us, but the joy of experiencing a humble piece of reciprocation and love from the local Keralites is indeed joyful. They have always loved serving people and every tourist is a special guest here. So, be ready to be pampered. Our travel guides are well experienced to guide to various places that are totally safe, and great to see.

9. Special Honeymoon Travel Sessions

Just married or going to get hitched in November? Then book your honeymoon tour in Kerala this time. We have the perfect honeymoon special body massage, iconic beach time, and candlelit dinner packages for couples. Owing to the quiet ambiance and privacy that you get in Kerala's hill stations and tree houses, the time to reignite your relationships is beautiful.

10. Religious Venues to Explore

You have a wide variety of churches, temples, and mosques to explore right from the North of Kerala to the South of Kerala. Some of them have been constructed way back in colonial times and will reflect British architecture. The beauty of the buildings and the religious grace in these places is a must-experience at least once in your life.

11. English Speaking & Multilingual Tour Experts

This is one of the biggest highlights that Kerala tours are the most popular for International crowds. This is the only state with 100% literacy and the people know how to communicate in English. This makes it very easy for outsiders to speak and know more about Kerala culture to the fullest.

12. Multi-Transport Options

The state is pretty small but owns a comprehensive network of roadways, waterways, airlines, and railways to help people commute easily. This means you can enjoy low-cost travel options at any time of the day. That's not it, as they have registered cabs and buses that stay with you until the whole trip is over.

13. Hub of Nature Conservationist

Kerala is surely a green state and apart from the cities, the rest of the place is totally a place that protects its nature. This is why Kerala owns some of the most prestigious conservation parks that have been recognized by UNESCO. These are protected biomes that nurture endangered species.

14. Community Celebrations

You can be part of many community fairs and carnivals and religious festivals once you are here in Kerala. Right from the famous Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and many more, the state loves to celebrate and you can witness the traditions in this part of the country.

15. Abundance of Flora & Fauna

Find your own connection with nature and wildlife here as the state is home to spice, tea, and coffee plantations. Alongside, they breed many birds and livestock that are considered a part of their revenue on a daily basis. Life is simple and a joy for those who come from the city.

Hope this list has given you a clear idea of why the visit to Kerala this winter season is absolutely worth it. Live your life with real-life experiences that we are ready to showcase in the most beautiful and authentic manner.


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