Hurray! Our Website make it to the list of the best 100 tourism websites in the world

Funday Holidays Listed In Top & Best 100 Tourism Website, Blog In 2021

Now it is official: Funday Holidays is one of the top tourism websites in the world. Feedspot, a content reader website that allows users easy access to their favorite sites, has recently published their list of ‘Top 100 Tourism Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021‘. On the list of giants in the tourism industry from around the globe, our website also finds a formidable spot.

Web rankings are not a new trend. There are many agencies that rate the performance of websites and rank them accordingly. But very few venture into grading the travel and tourism websites because of the staggering number— which comes to around millions— of them on the internet. A transparent system of rating is difficult to achieve.

Feedspot has taken up this Herculean task and achieved the almost impossible. Using many criteria, they have accurately made a list of the most informative websites when it comes to travel and tourism. It is quite an appreciable accomplishment.

A Fast Growing Industry

The tourism landscape is ever-evolving. The industry grows globally at a fast pace—almost 4 to 5 percent annually—according to the estimates by UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). It is hence one of the industries many countries focus on in the recent decades.

The high possibilities of the tourism sector have attracted many investors to it. Numerous big and small tour operators have started operating from many nooks and corners of the world. There is unquestionable competition in the field as millions of such agencies from around the globe are now working hard to climb the ladder.

But very few actually get to the top of the chain and become recognized globally. Funday Holidays is one of them.

The Secret of Funday Holidays

In tourism, many firms forget that it is not competing with others that matters, but the comfort and satisfaction of their clients. Each tourism company has the responsibility to make the holidays of their tourists most relaxing and memorable. If somehow they feel dissatisfied with the tour program, it is highly unlikely that the firm will flourish. The level of satisfaction given by each firm is pitted against each other.

We attribute our success to the dedication of our seasoned professionals. Our team is highly customer-centric and believes in providing the best facilities to our clients. We believe our customers are our best advertisers as they recommend us to their friends and relatives who are looking to spend a relaxing holiday.

Funday Holidays Website

We have tried to apply the same approach on our website too. We are primarily concerned about the preference of the client. We want our customers to get a comprehensive understanding of a destination when they visit the Funday holidays webpage.

Our website is more about the tourism possibilities and attractions of a destination than the kind of tours that we offer. We focus more on giving clear and factual information. Hence, in-depth research goes into the minting of each article.

This approach will surely help the client. They can easily navigate through our pages and find the things that they are looking for in one place. Without sugar coating the information, our website presents the facts, be it about a country or a guideline on travel, as they are.

We take care not to push our products and tour programs to someone who is not searching for such things. Surely, they are just a click away for those who are looking for it. But we never stuff our pages with advertisements.

Maybe this is the reason why we have an exponentially growing traffic to our site. Feedspot’s recognition is an award for the dedication and professionalism of our team. However, Including us in the list of one of the ‘Top 100 Tourism Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021‘ also presents us with an added responsibility.

We assure our readers that we will keep up the standard and will keep on improving our services.


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Babs says:

This is a phenomenal achievement. Congratulations to Funday Holidays

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