Cradled between the mighty mountains of Himalaya and Karakoram, Ladakh is a tourist location like no other. It is blessed with a fabulous landscape filled with green vegetation and snow-clad mountains. The plethora of attractions and adventure activities in the region make the visit to the place exciting. Though the weather is predominantly cold, the summer season presents a pleasant climate that favors tourism activities. Apart from the picturesque landscape, Ladakh has many monuments like stone carvings, ancient Buddhist monasteries, Leh palace and so on that proclaims the history of the place.

If you are looking for a tourist destination which gives you everything, Ladakh is the best place for you. You can enjoy the cool climate and unwind here. The scenic beauty of the landscape will vaporize all your stress and fill you with awe. The thrill of exploring the places in Ladakh and the varied adventure activities will restore the youthful vigor that is lost in the monotonous life. The historical and ancient monuments make you proud of the rich past and the pluralistic culture of the land. Hence you can confidently choose Ladakh as your next tourism destination.

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Located in the Western Himalayan ranges, Ladakh was inhabited since prehistoric times. The study of rock carvings here proves that it was around the Neolithic period that humans arrived here. By the 1st century, the region became part of the Kushan Empire. Buddhism prevailed during this time. Between the 14th and 16th centuries, Islam started gaining prominence in the valley. Several mosques were built during this time. Hence Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam are the major religions in Ladakh. Since gaining independence, the Ladakh border is a place in dispute between India and Pakistan. The valley saw much bloodshed including the Kargil war of 1999.

Leh and Ladakh act as sister tourist destinations. If you embark on a tour of the region it is better to visit both the destinations. There are many exciting locations like the Nubra Valley, Magnetic hill, Pangong Tso, and so on. The high pass of Khardung La is one of a kind. Adventure lovers can involve in trekking, mountaineering, boat riding, and so on. Many places require tourists to get a pass as they are under high security. It is better to get a good idea about these places before starting the journey or you may end up losing your valuable time going back and forth.

Best Time To Visit Ladakh

It is ideal to travel to the tourist destination during summer. Hence April to June is considered the best time to visit Ladakh. The weather in Ladakh at this time is very pleasant.  As snowfall can be quite heavy during the winter season, most of the tourist destinations will only be open during this time.

From October to May, which is time for winter in Ladakh, usually has frequent road closures due to heavy snow. The road passes are closed altogether in some years and the only mode of transport is through the air. Nevertheless, many adventure enthusiasts visit the region during this time to involve in the famous Chadar Trek.

How To Reach Ladakh

Ladakh is not the easiest of locations to reach. Also, traveling to different attractions in the tourist destination requires a pass from the authorities for security reasons.

  • By Air: the easiest way to reach Ladakh is through the air. The Kushok Bakula Rinpoche in Leh is the nearest airport to the region. Though it is a domestic aerodrome, frequent flights are available to major cities in different parts of India like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Srinagar, and Jammu. You can hire a cab from the airport and reach Ladakh within no time.
  • By Road: Manali- Leh Highway and Srinagar- Leh highway are the two main roadways to reach Ladakh. These highways are not open all round the year. Usually, travelers are allowed to use them from June to November. There are busses run by Himachal Pradesh Tourism and Jammu and Kashmir State Tourism through these roads. You can avail deluxe as well as ordinary buses. You may also prefer to drive if you like that.
  • By Rail: Jammu Tawi located at a distance of 708 kilometers is the nearest railway station to Ladakh. You can board a bus or hire a cab from the railway station. It usually takes 15 hours to reach the tourist destination.