Phugtal Monastery

Located in the Lungnak valley in Ladakh, Phugtal Gompa is an ancient Buddhist monastery.  The building is constructed like a honeycomb around a natural cave which gives it a rare aura of simplicity and calmness. Believed to be built almost 2,550 years ago it is one of the most ancient monasteries in India. Many eminent Buddhist masters and scholars lived in this cave including the 16 Arhats, the legendary followers of Buddha. Thus the monastery acted as the epicenter of Buddhist religion in Ladakh. The cave walls are carved with the images of these enlightened masters. The place is still very remote from the civilized world and can only be reached on foot. This also makes it a uniquely calm place far away from the pollution and noise of the modern world. You will feel meditative once you reach the place and it is difficult to tear yourself away from the tranquil atmosphere.