Rameswaram is an ancient pilgrim center in India. It is a land filled with historical monuments that symbolize the legends in the Indian epic. Located in the south India state of Tamil Nadu, the place has a great significance in Hindu mythology. It is chronicled in the holy Hindu scripture of Ramayana that Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, built a bridge to Lanka from Rameswaram. The mission aimed to rescue Sita from the demon king Ravana. It is believed that, after killing Ravana, Rama absolved the sin by making a Shiva linga for praying to God Shiva. The divine idol is still preserved in the Ramanathaswamy temple— the topmost attraction in Rameswaram. Thousands of devotees and tourists travel to the place to visit the temple and enjoy the meditative atmosphere that eases all the stress of daily life.

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Tours in Rameswaram

Munnar Madurai Rameswaram Tour – Fun & Sprite Package Tour
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Munnar Madurai Rameswaram Tour – Fun & Sprite Package Tour

Rameswaram - The Holy Land of South India

Apart from the temple, there are many other tourist places in Rameswaram that offer a variety of sights to the visitors. The second-longest railway bridge in India, Pamban railway bridge, is located in Rameswaram. Another unique place is the ghost town of Dhanushkodi that remains uninhabited for more than five decades. Agnitheertham, the holy temple tank which is believed to wash away all the sins is alluring. The tourists traveling to Rameswaram love to visit the Panchamukhi Hanuman temple with the idol portraying rare five faced Hanuman.

Rameswaram derives its name from the Sanskrit words Rama and Iswara; meaning Lord Rama. The holy place is intricately linked with the Indian epic Ramayana. Many key events in the myth are believed to have happened here. The most prominent legend about the place is that Rama worshiped the god Shiva and bathed in Agnitheertham to free himself of the sin of killing Ravana. Ramanathaswamy temple was constructed in the location to enshrine the Shiva lingam that Rama built for the purpose. Another legend is that of Vibheeshana, the younger brother of Ravana, making a pact with Rama at this place. Kothandaramaswamy temple which encompasses an envoy of deities including Vibheeshana was established to commemorate the pact. The Panchamukhi Hanuman temple, another famous religious center, is very close to Rameswaram. It reminds the pilgrims of Hanuman's victory over Mahiravana by assuming his five-faced form and rescuing Rama and Lakshmana.

Rameswaram is also famous for the Ariyaman beach which attracts tourists with its 2 kilometers long sandy beach. The ghost town of Dhanushkodi and the long Pamban bridge is also sure to fill you with awe. These tourist places make Rameswaram one of the most attractive tourist destinations in South India.

Best Time To Visit Rameswaram

The southern part of India experiences a tropical climate and there is not much variation in temperature throughout the year. As the weather in Rameswaram is mostly hot, it is better to visit the holy land in the winter season; that is from October to April. The climate will be pleasant during this time of the year with temperatures ranging from 17 to 30 degrees Celsius.

The monsoon season which starts in July and extends till September is wet and has temperatures between 28 to 35 degrees Celsius. Many tourists prefer to visit the place during this season; especially in August. If you love the rains, you can call on the destination during monsoon. But do not forget to carry an umbrella with you at all times as the rain can be quite heavy sometimes.

March marks the beginning of the summer season in Rameswaram. The temperature begins to rise gradually and can reach up to 43 degrees Celsius. It is best to avoid traveling to the place during this time if you are not a fan of intense heat and profuse sweating.

How To Reach Rameswaram

Rameswaram can be easily reached from almost all other important cities in India. The high connectivity is one of the factors that makes the Rameswaram tour attractive. You can choose to travel by air, rail or road according to your preference.

  • By Air: If you prefer a flight, there is an aerodrome nearby: Madurai airport. The terminus is 149 kilometers away from the pilgrim center. You can easily get a taxi cab or a bus that will take you to Rameswaram.
  • By Train: There is a railway station in Rameswaram where most trains passing through the route halt. Regular train services are also available to the place from all major cities in India.
  • By Road: You can reach the tourist destination by taking National Highway 87. It gives you the unique opportunity to cross the Pamban Bridge (Annai Indira Gandhi Bridge) before entering into Rameswaram island. Regular bus services are also available from all major cities to the location.