Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple

Panchamukhi Hanuman Kovil, literally the five-faced Hanuman temple, is a place of worship dedicated to Hanuman, the emissary and great devotee of Hindu god Rama. The idol here depicts the five faces of Lord Hanuman. With Hanuman in the middle, the idol portrays the countenances of Varaha, Garuda, Narasimha, and Hayagriva. According to legend, Mahiravana abducted Rama and Lakshmana and took them to Patala. Hanuman who went searching for the brothers reached the place and found the captives. He deduced that to kill Mahiravana he had to simultaneously extinguish five lamps placed in different directions. So he assumed the form of Panchamukhi Hanuman and put out all the lamps at the same time. The interesting myth and the rare idol make the place one of the most visited places in Rameswaram.

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Munnar Madurai Rameswaram Tour – Fun & Sprite Package Tour