Shopping Cravings In Rameswaram | 10 Fantastic Shopping Places

10 Fantastic Shopping Places In Rameswaram

Amongst the beautiful landscapes that India has to offer, there are certain places that would instill the magic divinity vibes of the place – in your heart. If South India is on your travel list this time, you better plan a Rameswaram tour. It happens to be a beautiful and culturally developed town that is situated on Pamban Island securely found in the heart of Tamil Nadu. It is an awe-inspiring combo for the shopaholic wanderer and the religious one who seeks peace in your travel escapades.

Rameswaram is a spiritualist’s haven and known to be a delight for shoppers! We suggest you step into Arulmigu Ramanatha Swami Temple before you get totally blown off by the traditional and culturally rich shopping venues in this small town.

The variety of shopping options that Rameswaram offers is quite spellbinding. From beach-side shacks that sell artifacts to traditional stores selling Indian silk sarees, the range of shopping activities that you could indulge in during your Rameswaram tour is beyond your imagination. Tag along as we carve your shopping pathway right below

Plunge into these ten exciting shopping venues, get those wonderful snaps right, and add to your South Indian travel albums this time.

Sea Shell Marts

The magical beauty of seashells is that they whisper the secrets of the sea – well a grandmother's tale, but so heartwarming to keep close to your heart. Rameswaram is home to many traditional vendors who trade authentic Seashells. The Gandhi Sea Shell mart and Kalam Sea Shell Mart are two prominent outlets where you can buy quality seashells with a perfect finish. In addition to these exotic shells, they also excel at shell carving and manufacturing a number of products like mirrors, wall hangers, and other decorative craft products using seashells.

Ethnic handicrafts

A walk will help you witness how packed the temples' premises and streets of Rameswaram is with shacks and little shops that sell exquisite handicrafts and art pieces unique to the region. Handcrafted sculptures of Hindu deities, hand-chiseled art plates, bronze artifacts, etc. sell like hotcakes in the Rameswaram market.  Diligently crafted by deft hands, these handicrafts make perfect souvenirs for the Rameswaram tour.

Varthakan Street

Lined up with boutiques, pieces of jewelry, khadi stores, souvenir shops, and cloth stores, Varthakan street is a must-visit destination for Shopping buffs. The Silk emporiums at Varthakan Street are some of the best of their kind in the country. The lightweight traditional sarees with intricate designs, woven using the finest silk threads are peerless.

Agni Theertham

Agni Theertham is actually a pilgrimage venue where many Hindu devotees come to get the blissful experience of spirituality. Also, over the years it has developed into a classic one-stop shopping world where you can find a wide range of clothes including sarees, innerwear, trousers, shirts, and much more.

Kurinji Textiles

This textile world is famous for its pure and exclusive silk merchandise.  Saree Lovers will love the well-ornated sarees that are created by the saree weavers in this area. Silk is of the highest quality in India and therefore that comes with a price tag. But still, it is much better than what you find in the cities nowadays.

Thirupathi Art Publications

To awaken the book zombie in your inner self, walk straight into one of the famous and best bookstores which keeps a wide range of books on art and religion. For all book lovers and people who want to know more, this is the perfect place.

Khadi Gramadoyog at Big Bazaar

After silk, Khadi is a much-preferred cloth in Rameswaram. You can buy some of the best khadi cloth and its designs at very competitive prices.  Be it shirts, jackets, or kurtas, you will find a khadi cloth that matches your style. This elite fashion wear is gaining prominence in Indian weddings nowadays, so grab a couple and shine in the celebration mood. The flawless quality of the fabric and the peerless intricacy of its designs make the khadi fabric of Rameswaram popular with foreign as well as local tourists. Although there are many outlets to look out for, a store stands out for its authenticity.

Night Shopping Life

Night shopping is an experience that is hard to define while you are on a Rameswaram tour.  A relaxing walk at night through the lively streets of Rameswaram, snacking on delicious food and quick bites, is quite an incredible experience. The alleys, narrow lanes, and stretches of beaches in Rameswaram are lined with shops that sell exotic products unique to this ancient spiritual town. Shopping at night, especially in small street-side stores is unlikely to take a toll on your pocket if you have a flair for bargaining.

Temple Shopping Street

Predominantly, religious or historic cultural lovers visit the place to absorb the true essence of spirituality. Amongst the temples and their nearby areas, there are small shopping places that would not pinch your pockets. The must-visit places are Kalam Seashell mart at Mosque street and shops at Dhanuskodi, Sita Theertham, and Ramarpaadham.


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