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Natural and untouched flora and fauna are hard to find these days, and that is where Funday Holidays would like to take you this time. This is a special trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where you get to love your life, your world, your family, and indulge in some much-needed self-love. After all, give your mind and body a break, for it is a special place that will help you cope with this wild world with a smile!

Our trip will take you to the Union Territory of India – famously called the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is geographically apart from Thailand and Myanmar as the Andaman Sea separates it. You will be arriving at the capital of the territory, which is none other than Port Blair. Since these islands are essentially located in the Bay of Bengal, it is a hotspot for tourism, but still, you can experience the natural lifestyle of the people living there. This is because the islands have not been influenced much by the nuances of commercialization and tourism.

For those who have been burdened by the pressures of the city life, and the toxicity of the developed ambiance, this surely will bring on a positive change into your lives, for the few days you spent with us. The team will show you all the local markets and also you can have fun explore the adventures related to water sports as much as you like.

We will show you the untouched side of nature in this place and there is something special for everyone who comes here. You can roam around on the stretches of spotless, and clutter-free sandy beaches, and let you have a firsthand experience of how peaceful this part of the Earth can be, This, we must say, is a sweet spot for Instagrammers and so don't forget to keep the click mode on once you land in this dreamy zone of sight and sounds.

Duration : 3 Days , 2 Nights
Destinations : Andaman & Nicobar Islands,  
Includes : Accommodation, Breakfast, Sightseeing, Transfers
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Itinerary customization is available.

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    Since Port Blair is the capital of the Islands, you will be able to land at the Port Blair airport. Once you have reached, our expert tourism representative will proceed towards taking you to the hotel pre-booked for you. Once refreshed, we will take you for a trip to Corbyn's Cove Beach which is 9 km from Port Blair – which is famous as it is a coconut palm-fringed beach. This is an ideal venue for swimming, sun-basking & bathing. In the evening, take your time out to leisurely visit the cellular jail and also witness the exclusive light and sound show. These are great sights to be explored, as they carry a hint of the cultural side of the Islands.

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    The next day, once your breakfast is done, a grand city tour has been planned for the day. As per the plan, you get to visit some of the places like the Forest Museum, Mini Zoo, Anthropological Museum, Naval Marine Museum, Andaman Water Sports Complex. These places are great for kids and adults alike. For the tourists who like to indulge in water sports and various other types of adventures, you can try out water-skiing, speed boats, water scooters, tube rides, etc.

    The afternoon is reserved for some relaxed walks and shopping and other personal activities. The evening is the time for some leisure activities and you can explore the local markets. . At night, you can stay over at Port Blair.

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    The third day brings the exciting tour to an end. Right after the breakfast is over, we will take you back safely to the Airport and from then on, you can continue on the onward journey as planned. You will be convinced by the end of this journey that this trip was jam-packed with sweet travel memories.

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The great Andaman coral reefs were one of the biggest eye-catchers. And also the wild forest, tribals, and marine creatures attracted me the most. This was my great experience to travel with Funday Holidays. Thanks to the Funday holidays

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