65 Travel Hacks That Will Help You Become A Traveling Expert

41. Protect razor with a binder clip

There's nothing worse than digging through your toiletry bag only to feel that sharp sting of your multi-blade razor. Avoid this problem altogether by covering your blade with a simple binder clip.

42. No more middle seat

If you find yourself getting stuck in the middle seat all the time, you need to make an account with Expert Flyer. Set up a seat alert using their website. Then if someone changes places at any time before your flight, it will send you a notification, and you can swoop in to get reassigned.

43. Scan the copy of your immigration documents & passport

Make sure you scan your passport and immigration documents. Send them to your family back home to ensure that you can use them in case you lose your original documents. Keep the documents with you inside a fanny bag so that there are minimum chances of losing them.

44. Carry power banks

Before you leave for a trip, charge your phone fully. Your phone is the main point of contact for your family back home, your friends, and most importantly your travel agent. Make sure to carry high storage capacity power banks to charge your phones when plug points are not available. Also, carry a universal phone charger if you are traveling to another country. Not every country will have the same plugin format. Carry a power strip that allows your family to charge their phones simultaneously.

45. Emergency medicines

When you are traveling with kids, you don’t know when they may fall sick. Consult a pediatrician before you set out on the trip to consult for emergency medicines for your kids and consult your doctor for you also. They may suggest few medicines that may come in handy during the trip to reduce the first impact of the disease. However, keep in mind that you need to rush the sick person to the hospital immediately. Also, carry medicines that you consume regularly. The chances are that such medicines may not be easily available.

46. Organize entertainments

Traveling with kids can get frustrating and irritating. Especially long flights can become monotonous and exhausting. Kids start fussing around a lot. So you need to entertain them. So store your iPad with kids’ entertainment programs. Ensure you download the programs at least a day before the trip. The programs will keep your kids fully engaged. Carry some indoor games with you so that your kids have fun at the destinations. Carry gel stickers for your kids to paste them on the windows of planes if they get to sit on the window seat.

47. Share responsibilities

Not every arrangement needs to be done by one person alone. Planning a full family trip and managing is not easy. Divide the responsibilities among the members. Involve them in the planning process. Ask your older kids to manage their youngers. By sharing responsibilities, your family works as a team. The bond between siblings, couples, parents, and children become stronger.

48. Download Google Maps

Download google maps on your phone. The navigation software can help you keep track of your trip. The application can help you find shops, restaurants, petrol pumps, etc. easily. The navigation software comes in handy during an urgent situation. You can make use of the free WiFi facilities offered by the airport, restaurants, etc.

49. Proper financial management

Call your credit card companies to check if their services are available to the destination you are traveling to. Ensure you carry local change with you to make small payments or at outlets where credit cards are not accepted.

50. Phone number hand bracelets

A fun yet most important way to ensure that your kids have your number on them. You may sting number beads to form your number and let the kids wear them. This is a far better choice than the travel tags which may get lost or torn. If your kids get lost, they can use the number on the bracelet to contact you.

51. First Aid Kit

If you have medication daily, make sure you carry them in your kit. Try to include emergency medicines like aspirin, badges, disinfectants, etc. It’s always important to carry a first aid kit on travel since not necessary that you may find a medical store inside a forest or a remote destination.

52. Essential toiletries

Maintaining personal hygiene is an essential habit required for a wanderer. You may be allergic to toiletries like soap, handwash, etc. available locally at the destination. So ensure you carry the toiletries you use. Make sure to include hand sanitizers as you may not get water to keep your hands clean every time, and also it may come in handy when you use public loos.

53. Use fanny bags

Make sure you carry your travel documents, Id proofs, credit or debit cards, etc. inside a fanny bag available in varied designs and brands. This helps you keep your stuff safe from pickpockets. Not every place you visit is safe & corruption-free.

54. Carry a universal mobile charger

Your phone is essential to the point of contact. Make sure your phone is fully charged and has enough call balance. Make sure you carry a universal mobile charger as different countries have different electrical specifications. Also, carry a USB portable power bank that will come in handy when you are traveling.

55. Well planned itinerary

Exploring places without a plan is a very bold and daring step a seasoned traveler can opt for. But if you are a first-timer, it’s not advisable to travel without proper planning. Always travel with a proper itinerary which helps you enjoy the trip tension-free. This helps you utilize your time in exploring the destination rather than searching for accommodation for the night.

56. Replenishing food

Carry small packets for dry fruits and ready-to-eat meals on a trip. This helps you to keep you energetic throughout the trip. Carry drinking water and avoid consuming water from places that seem unhygienic to avoid water infections.

57. Avoid valuable items

There is a high risk of losing valuable items on a trip. Always avoid the risk of attracting thieves and pickpockets while traveling. So kindly feel free to keep your valuable items in the safety of your home.

58. Comfortable footwear

Wear comfortable footwear while traveling. Avoid heels or fancy footwear which makes your journey uncomfortable and also damages your expensive shoes. It’s preferable if you wear a pair of sneakers.

60. Emergency contact numbers

You may imagine- Why do I need to write down emergency numbers when I have them saved on my phone? Well, what if your phone & your power bank runs out of power? How will you contact someone during an emergency if you do not have the numbers by heart? So this is where the list of numbers in your notepad comes in handy.



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