First flight with your Little One? 13 Tips to Remember 

Traveling with their toddler is a nightmare for many. The problems faced during such a journey are mostly unmanageable and sometimes unpredictable. While at the airport, it is not easy to at once handle your luggage and keep an eye on the restless cutie. Their constant curiosity is difficult to contain in the airplane. If they throw a tantrum, it is a problem for everyone sitting near you to solve. The longer the journey, the more the worry.

Surely, traveling with a toddler is difficult; but not Herculean. And does not mean that you have to postpone your tours and travels until the child grows up. There are some simple tips that you need to pay attention to make the travel with your little one easier.

Close their ears during take-off and landing

The pressure variation that occurs when the flight lands or takes off can be quite nauseating, even for adults. Children, with their sensitive ears, can experience pains during the process. This is enough for them to cry through the whole flight journey. Hence it is better to use earplugs or close their ears.

Get direct flights if possible

While on your international tour package, it is usual to choose a long route to the destination to save some money as a plane ticket. But while traveling with a toddler, this can backfire and take away all the joy of the journey. It is better to take a direct flight if at all possible. You don’t want to tug your toddler through many airports.

Take longer transits

If you cannot avoid connection flights, at least try to get longer transits. You should get ample time to walk to the next gate, change dirty diapers, and take a bathroom break. If possible give your little one time to run around and burn his or her energy a bit. You will be grateful for their tiredness on the next flight.

Get Baby care equipment

Many baby care accessories are available that will make your international travel with a toddler much comfortable. Cribs, Kangaroo pouches, travel seats, and so on can make the journey relaxing for you and cozier your baby. But you do not need to buy these things as you are not traveling every day. Many stores will rent you these items whenever you require. You can spend a small amount and make your travel better.

Pre-board the flight

Remember, if you usually need five minutes to do something, with a toddler you need fifteen. So allot some extra time for everything while you are taking your child on his first international tour package. Arrive early at the airport and avoid the last-minute rush. You can make use of the pre-boarding facility and take your time to settle down on the seat. This is very helpful as you will save a lot of time for others waiting behind you.

Use the restroom before boarding

It is better to visit the restroom and give your child some time since they won’t be able to use it while the plane is taking off. If it is a toddler, you can use this time to change the diaper. Make sure the diapers are leak-proof. Use two if required.

Do not travel after vaccinating

Kids tend to have a fever, stomach upsets, and so on after routine vaccination. These would make them more irritated and demanding; something that you do not want on your once-in-a-blue-moon tour and travel. So stay clear of the vaccination days. You will not regret it.

Get them a good night sleep

In the rush of packing, getting the documents ready, and planning for the holiday tour package, parents often forget to get their toddlers to bed in time. Some even think that a little sleep deprivation will make them slumber during the journey the next day. But this can backfire and make the children cranky in the morning. You will find it challenging to get them ready for the trip. If they do not sleep as predicted during the journey, there is every bit of chance that they will throw a tantrum because of the sleep deprivation. So it is better to get the child to bed during the usual time the day before the journey.

Carry a snack and medical kit

The best way to keep toddlers busy is to give them something to nibble on. You know what your child likes best. So carry it in a handbag. This serves another purpose as you may not get your baby provisions during your travel. Take care also not to let them have street foods in a foreign country. Carrying a bag with band-aids, Neosporin, and so on is also helpful as you do not know when your little adventurer might need them.

Buckle them up

Most parents deem the safest place on the planet for their child is their lap. But experts disagree. They say that during heavy turbulence, it is possible that you can’t hold your child with your hands.  They recommend buckling them up in the airplane seat or a baby car seat you carry with you. It is not economical as you may have to book a seat for your toddler, but it surely is safer.  It will also give you some valuable personal space in the long international travel.

Wear comfortable outfits

It is quite tempting to wrap your child in colorful and fashionable outfits that make them look like a movie star. But when on your world tour package, do not make the mistake. Make them as comfortable as possible. The tight and uncomfortable dress is sure to make them ill at ease and that can cause you a great deal of trouble. It is best to let them wear, loose and layered outfits. This will protect them from the low temperature in the flight and the destination. If they are feeling hot, remove the top layer and they will be fine.

Pack double the necessaries

Babies can be quite unpredictable in many situations. They can get stomach upset just by being on the flight. So it is better to pack double of everything, diapers, dresses, baby wipes, and so on, while on your international tour package. You may also need to change your outfit, in case of a leaky diaper or an airsick baby. Hence be sure to pack yourself a change of clothing in the baby carry bag.

Care for your baby, not the co-passenger

Try to keep your child happy and engaged as possible on the airplane. But there is always a chance that they will throw a tantrum causing discomfort to you and your fellow passengers. Some may be caring and understanding, a few may act hostile and may constantly complain. Try and pacify your child, but do not get frustrated at the rude guy sitting next to you. Accept it as part of the game. Soon you will be landing safely and be on an exciting tour package that you have been looking forward to.

By now, you might have understood that traveling with a toddler is not an easy task. But with a little bit of planning and care, you can manage everything effectively. You surely can say yes to your dreams of traveling to an international destination and have a wonderful time that you will remember for a lifetime.


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