8 things to Keep in Mind while traveling post Covid-19

The year 2020 was a time of crisis. By the third month of the year, the world came to its knees because of a microbe. Every industry came to a screeching halt, and everyone got confined to their homes. The travel and tourism industry was one of the most affected among them.

But today, circumstances have changed. Many countries have devised effective plans to curb the disease spread. With the research centers working day in and day out, we can see the possibility of a vaccine on the horizon. Tour and travel companies are busy advertising their new packages. Countries have also started to open up their sealed borders and are welcoming travelers.

Nevertheless, it is to be understood that we are far from breathing a sigh of relief. Still, COVID-19 is making its presence felt in different parts of the world. We should be careful not to let our guards fully down and invite the pandemic to our lives.

Tips for traveling post-pandemic

After more than half a year of being confined to their homes, it is inappropriate, if not cruel, to forbid people from traveling and having some leisure. Only thing is that we have to be careful not to get too comfortable. Here are some tips to bear in mind while enjoying your world tour package to keep yourself safe:

Wear a mask… always

In the era of COVID-19, it is considered an offense in many countries not to wear a mask. Some have introduced penalties for not taking the necessary precautions. Also, if you are taking a flight, you can wear a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit. It indeed is uncomfortable. But isn’t it better to be uncomfortable wearing a kit, rather than being uncomfortable because you can’t breathe?

Pack a protection kit

With the novel coronavirus still at large in many places, you have to make sure to pack a protective kit for yourself and your loved ones while on your world tour. Make sure to include in it masks, visors, gloves, protective covers, disinfectants, and hand washes. A small medical kit with necessary medicines is also recommendable.

Understand the quarantine and testing rules

Different countries have different norms when it comes to COVID tests. Some require you to present a COVID negative certificate before they issue a visa. Others test you when you land and will not let you travel until the result proves negative. You may also have to endure a quarantine period. So make sure to check it online or contact your tour company.

Know which attractions are open

Even though many countries have lifted the lockdown and are inviting tourists, some attractions remain closed. It can be due to local lockdowns. Hence make sure that you are aware of which places you can visit before you decide on a travel package.

Mandatory online bookings

If you expect to buy an entry pass for the tourist destination from the counter in the entrance like before, you may get into trouble. The pandemic has forced them to reduce the number of visitors and observe social distancing norms. Most tourist destinations like museums, zoos, historic monuments, and so on require you to make an online booking. Tour and travel companies can do this for you well in advance and make sure you do not miss the opportunity to visit the famous places.

Dining out is not going to be easy

One of the alluring factors of a world tour pre-COVID was the street foods. However, now it is not recommendable. For those who love to try out the delicacies of the tourist destination, make sure to choose a good restaurant that follows strict disinfection protocols. It will do you good if you research the hotels which are certified by the respective health departments in the country.

Adopt contact-free methods whenever possible

With the advent of the pandemic, online services have revved up their assistance. You can now use it to avoid contact with strangers while in a foreign country. Whether for booking tickets, or paying for something you can make use of the possibility and reduce the risk of infecting yourself.

Visit off-beat locations

Chances are high that tourists will throng the most famous attractions in a country. Sometimes in such a crowd, the social distancing norms cannot be observed with the required seriousness. It is hence better to visit lesser-known destinations. If you are particular that you want to visit famous destinations, it is better to choose a less crowded time like early morning. Thus you can ensure you are safe.


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