How to pack like a pro? 20 Packing Tips Every Traveler needs to know

Pack like a pro

So you have decided to embark on an international tour package. You have found the perfect destination to spend your holidays. It has been a long-awaited vacation and you look forward to enjoying it to the maximum. There is no doubt that some time away from busy work life is necessary to re-energize you.

Now it is time to pack your bags and go. Well, wait, how should you pack your bag? It seemed pretty straightforward at first, but once you started with it you feel completely lost. You are well aware that if you miss out on something, you will suffer through your trip. If you pack everything, you become tired of carrying the heavy luggage around. So for a comfortable vacation, you should know how to pack well.

Frequent travelers have some tips when it comes to packing. They rely upon these techniques to make the process efficient. Here is a comprehensive list of packing tips from seasoned travelers.

1. Make a checklist

It is better to plan out first what all things you need for the world tour. Initially, make a rough draft of all things you need and then start editing. The final list should be made with checkboxes. Tick the items as soon as you pack them. This will make the process very efficient. And you can be sure that you did not forget anything.

2. Start Packing Early

Most people start packing their bags the day before their travel. During the last-minute rush, they would not get enough time to decide on what to pack and what to avoid. Thus they end up stuffing their bags with unwanted items. It is recommended to start packing at least a week before the international tour. So the day before, you can recheck everything, avoid unnecessary stuff and get some rest.

3. Heavy items first

The right way to pack is to have the heavy items at the bottom when the bag is in a standing position. Also, pack equal weight on both sides to avoid it from toppling over. It also makes carrying the bag easier. The same goes for a backpack. It is easier to bear a bottom-heavy pack than a top-heavy one as you have to walk long distances on your tour and travel.

4. Pack the liquids on top

If you are carrying shampoo, conditioner or any other liquid, it is better to take them in small 100 milliliter bottles wrapped in tight plastic bags. Pack it on the top of the bag or any other easily accessible place because the airport security may require you to show it to them. Remember, authorities may not allow you to carry big bottles. Hence it is safer to take only the amount allowed.

5. Double pack your toiletries

While carrying toiletries, you have a risk of spillage. It does not matter how leakproof the bottle is, it can be compromised during the rough handling of the luggage bag in the airports. So to be on the safer side during your world tour, double pack them using plastic wraps. You can also use bubble wrap if they come in glass bottles. Be assured that you will not regret the time spent on doing the extra work.

6. Check the climate in the destination

You can reduce a lot of luggage by cutting down the number of clothes. If you are embarking on a journey to an equatorial climatic region, you do not need not pack your heavy overcoat, even if it is winter. For places like Malaysia, where they have mostly beaches, you can prefer your flip-flops above the two pairs of shoes. Thus knowledge about the country you are planning to visit on your international tour package will at once make you prepared and help you pack accordingly.

7. Pack a kilogram less than the limit

Most Airlines allow you to carry 30 kilograms as luggage. But when you are packing, it is possible to exceed the limit and this will cause you to pay a fine for extra. Hence check the weight of the bags after packing. It is better to keep it at least 1 kilogram below the limit while you embark on a world tour. It will give you peace of mind in case your weighing machine is faulty.

8. Couples? Pack Separately

If you on a package tour with your loved one, it is better to have two bags: one for you and one for your partner. It is so much better than one big carry bag as it will give you the freedom to pack the things you want. You know what you have packed and where to find it. Also, you can give rest to the dispute of who will carry the heavy bag.

9. Roll your clothes

Clothes form the major share of your luggage. Hence packing it efficiently is very important. Rolling is so much better than folding as it will avoid wrinkles and take up less space. It is better to roll a set; with a top, bottom and innerwear together. This way, you can easily retrieve a set of clothes without having to take out everything in the bag. If you carry a fragile item, which is not recommended, you can roll clothes over to give extra protection.

10. Every inch matters

Packing tight is the best strategy. It will ensure that nothing will run around in your bag while carrying it. Think like you are playing Tetris. If you have to pack shoes, stuff them with socks. Do not waste even an inch of space. Thus you can carry enough items for your world tour package without having to carry several bags.

11. Think twice before packing

Do you really need to pack two pairs of shoes when you know you are for a beach vacation? We all tend to pack unnecessary stuff for our international travel. We do not know what to pack and what not to. One method to overcome this is to lay out everything you plan to carry on your bed and edit ruthlessly. Make sure you do not pack more than enough clothes and single-use items that you can buy at a small cost from the destination.

12. Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the best option to save space and to keep your items well packed. Use the cubes to carry your clothes as they will prevent wrinkles. As your international tour may extend weeks, these packs can segregate and keep things well packed. They are available at a low cost in most stores. You can also get them online.

13. Pack a plastic bag for used clothes

At some point, you will have to change clothes and carry them somewhere so that they can be washed. Most people forget to carry a bag to segregate the used clothes and end up making their fresh clothes also dirty. This simple mistake can make the international journey uncomfortable.

14. Pack and emergency kit

It is recommended to pack a small emergency kit in your carry bag, especially during these post-COVID times. Include sanitizers, disinfectants, gloves and masks in it. Carry pain balms and aspirin just in case. If you are taking regular medication, do not forget to include them too.

15. Pack important documents in your carry bag

It is better not to trust the airlines with your documents and valuables like jewelry on your international tour. There are many instances where these items got damaged, lost or stolen. It is hence better to keep them close to you on your carry-on bag. If you have a camera, it is better to take it in a separate camera bag, lest it will take up all the space in your carry-on.

16. Leave room for souvenirs

If you are planning to buy souvenirs for you and your loved ones, leave space to carry them on your journey back. It is better to make a list of people you are going to gift as it will give you an idea of how much money and bag space you have to set aside for the purpose. You can always keep a foldable bag in your luggage if that is more comfortable for you.

17. Label your Bag

It is a good idea to label your bag, in case the airline loses it. Include your name and contact information like phone number, email address, but it is better to leave out your home address. This will help the authorities identify the bag easily and return it to you. You do not want to lose your things while you land on a foreign land while on your world tour.

18. Mark your Bag

Someone mistaking your bag for their’s is a common occurrence in baggage claims. It can cause a lot of complications and can delay your international tour package. To avoid this, it is better to select an uncommon color for your bag. If you already have one, mark it by tying a ribbon or by using brightly colored duct tape. This will also help you to identify your bag even from a distance.

19. Lock it

Locking the bag may not seem necessary. But there is an increasing number of complaints of theft from around the globe. The moving staff is under doubt in most circumstances. To avoid such inconveniences, it is better to select a bag with a numbered padlock. If you already have one without a lock, it is better to buy a small lock. But take care to keep the key safe; else it is the worst thing that will ruin your most awaited world tour.

20. Wash it on the way

Many are hesitant to wash their clothes while they are traveling. Instead, they pack a lot of clothes to make it up. Carrying the used ones back is also quite messy. Hence look for laundry facilities in your place of stay. If you are staying in a hotel during your world tour package, enquire if there is a laundry service nearby. You can also carry a small packet of laundry detergent and wash it yourself. It will only take five minutes.


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