Picturesque Villages in Thailand to Explore For An Offbeat Getaway!

Traveling around the world experiencing different cultures and lifestyles of people is exciting for everyone. While on a world tour package, you get to visit the most famous attractions the country has to offer. But the problem is that sometimes such attractions are the facade that conceals the real culture of the land. For many, the name Thailand evokes images of famous beaches of Phuket or Samui and skyscrapers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. But the real culture of Thailand goes unseen in any world tour. The vibrant countrysides with their marvelous traditions are worth exploring.

Even in the 21st century, there are village folks in remote countryside living the native Thai life. They are not much affected by the westernization of the country. Their livelihood is dependent mostly on agriculture and rearing livestock.

Make your Thailand tour and offbeat getaway.

If you are interested in experiencing the traditional life of the Thai people, there are many quaint villages that you can visit. It will give you a better understanding of the authentic culture like no world tour package can provide.

Before you make up your mind to visit these villages, a word of caution: These regions seldom have the modern facilities that you are used to. You may have to blend in with their lifestyle and adjust to the limited resources available there. But it would surely be an experience of a lifetime.

Wang Nam Khiao

Wang Nam Khiao

The quaint mountain town in Nakhon Ratchasima, Wang Nam Khiao, attracts tourists with its exquisite beauty. The charming landscape is filled with lush greenery, small waterfalls, vast farmlands, and flower fields. Because of this overflowing beauty, the town is sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Thailand. The people here are mostly farmers. Their wooden houses are usually two stories. The lower level houses the living stock, farming equipment, and small barns. The family lives in the upper level.



Located close to the border of Myanmar in the North of Kanchanburi province, Sangkhlaburi is a great place to experience the native Thai life. The area is home to many people from different religions and communities who live harmoniously. There are some beautiful temples and a long teak bridge which leads to a reservoir. In it, tops of some long-submerged buildings peep out when the water goes down. Many tourists try to visit Sangkhlaburi during this time.



Pai is a quaint town at the foot of the mountains. Located in Northern Thailand, the town on the banks of the river attracts tourists with its laid back atmosphere. The quiet charm of Pai conceals some awe-inspiring sights like small waterfalls, hot springs, and even a canyon.

Tourists throng the region to see the huge weekly market assembled every Wednesday. People from far and wide come to the town to sell their products. It is hence the best opportunity to capture a glimpse of the ethnic and cultural diversity of Thailand. The greatest attraction of the market is the colorful handicrafts made in unique shapes. It is thus the best place to do some shopping and get a souvenir.

Chiang Khan

Chiang Khan

A picturesque land along the banks of the famous Mekong River, Chiang Khan is the best place to know the culture and cuisines of native Thailand. The place is adorned with traditional wooden houses and buildings. The streets are lined with Buddhist monks seeking alms for their livelihood. Another astonishing view in the land is the sunrise from the banks of Mekong. Such a riveting sight is seldom found in any other place on your world tour package.

In Chiang Khan, you can find small coffee shops and restaurants selling authentic Thai dishes. You may like the spicy Pad Thai, which came 5th in ‘World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods’ in the reader’s poll conducted by CNN. Gaeng Keow Wan Kai (green chicken curry) is another dish that will suit your palate if you are from the Indian subcontinent.

Know the real Thailand

If you embark on a world tour to know the lifestyle and customs of the land, you should go beyond the sights offered for the tourists. A village tour in Thailand will indeed give you a new respect for the people and their culture.

So the next time someone tells you that Thailand is just a place with white sandy beaches, noisy parties, and huge skyscrapers; you know it is so far from the truth.


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