Take a Beach Break in Mararikulam

Located in the southern tip of India, Kerala is bordered on one side by the Arabian sea. The long coastal line has blessed the land with many exceptional beaches. Hence a tour to Kerala will not be complete unless you visit at least one of these beaches.

The seashores of Kerala have a unique beauty. You will hardly find any artificial constructions here. This virgin beauty is one of the factors that attract tourists to them. Travelers love the visit to the beaches and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the incessant gentle breeze.

Famous beaches in the state are Kovalam, Varkala, Fort Kochi, and so on. Though all of them are blessed with great beauty, there is one lesser-known beach in Alappuzha that stands out from all of them: Marari Beach

Mararikulam Beach

Though Alappuzha is known for its placid backwaters, it is not so famous for its beaches. The quaint fishing village of Mararikulam thus did not attract many tourists to it. But the local people knew about the potential of the seashore. In recent times, tour agencies started conducting tours to the region and now it is slowly gaining popularity among travelers.

Located 11 kilometers from Alappuzha town, Marari beach boasts beauty like no other in Kerala. The long coastline with both small and occasional huge waves lapping on it is a charming sight. The silvery sand glistening in the sun gives an exotic look to the area. The contrast of the turquoise blue sea and the green vegetation separated by the small expanse of the golden beach is awe-inspiring. Anyone visiting the area will be enthralled by this exquisite sight.

Life of fishermen

mararikulam fisherman

As there is a fishing village adjacent to the Marari beach, you will be able to observe the simple life of the fishing folk. Their lifestyle which depends on the changing tides of the sea is curious. You get to see how they sail to the deep waters in their small traditional boats.

One cannot help but appreciate the bravery of these simple folk who venture into the depths of the ocean. Their safe return each time is the testimony of how mother nature protects those who live in perfect harmony with her laws. It is hard not to envy the carefree life of these village people for those who are suffocated by the hectic life in the huge cities.

A diverse ecosystem

The beautiful beach is not the only attraction in Mararikulam. The village is a thriving ecosystem that supports a variety of flora and fauna. Nature lovers cannot help but appreciate the natural diversity of the land.

This complex ecosystem is home to almost 3 types of turtles, 10 types of frogs, and around 80 species of birds. Moreover, there are 350 species of endemic plants and 97 species of butterflies that live in them.

Depending on the season, you will be able to see the different species in their natural habitat. Thus the unique ecosystem of the Malabar coast would be a great amusement on your Kerala tour.


There are a few resorts around the Mararikulam beach. Though they are not 5-star or 7-star like you will find in other tourist destinations, they are decent. These resorts will provide you with a comfortable stay and will serve you the traditional cuisines of Kerala. Make sure to try out the Karimeen Pollichathu, a special fish fry, available in Kerala.

Some resorts are designed like traditional houses with thatched roofs. You can feel the thrill of living inside an ancient house in the land. You can also see the process of traditional coir making, fishing, and handcrafting if you prefer.

Choose your time wisely

It is better to visit Marari beach between October to February. The climate during this time will be pleasant. The summer in the region is quite warm and the monsoon is very wet. So it is best to visit the place during the winter season.


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