Traveling with your girlfriend: Tips to make your trip romantic

Traveling with your girlfriend

Finally, you get some time for your own without any distractions. You can get away with your loved one to a nice place, taking a break from work and daily responsibilities. You get to spend some time with your partner. Exploring a new land together, involving in adventure activities and having new experiences together will foster your relationship and will etch sweet memories in your heart.

But there is a flip side to this travel plan. Being in each other’s company for a prolonged period can sometimes lead to resentment. You cannot be at your best always and nor can your partner. You may take out your frustrations on the other, which may have a lasting effect on your relationship. So the romantic tour package may end with an unintended outcome: both feeling bitter about the other.

So you have to be careful not to ruin your relationship during the romantic tours. However, you can keep some simple tips in mind to make the trip memorable for both of you.

1. Agree on the destination

Most people forget the fact that the definition of a vacation is different for different people. You might like to visit a place offering adventure opportunities, while your partner may prefer to spend the time sunbathing on a beautiful beach. So come to terms on which destination to visit after discussion. Somewhere you both can enjoy your preferred activities is the best. You can make a list of ten international tourist destinations and select one after a negotiation with your partner.

2. Decide upon the finance

Romantic honeymoon packages can be quite expensive. This is not a discountable fact. It is better to decide on the amount of money you can spend on the trip before embarking on one. A meticulous budget that specifies the amount to be spent on each category can keep disputes at bay. Have an open discussion with your girlfriend about your financial situation and understand how much she can contribute. It is better to give her equal responsibility for the finances.

3. Share Responsibilities

A partnership is crucial is for any healthy relationship. It is better to start sharing responsibilities from the beginning of a relationship. While deciding on the tour and travel, there are many opportunities to do this. From booking to planning to navigating to budgeting, you can share responsibilities. It will help you understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. But make sure you have a good understanding of who does what, or you might end up missing out on some things.

4. Try a dry run

If you are a newly married couple and trying to understand each other, it is better to go on short trips before embarking on an international tour program. It will help you understand the idiosyncrasies of your partner. You can point out those things that you found uncomfortable. If you happen to find the behavior of your partner annoying while on a long trip, it will kill the joy of the whole journey.

5. Travel during the off-season

When you are on your first trip together as a couple, it is good to have some privacy. But it is a hard commodity to come by in a popular tourist destination. Mostly, you will be wading through the crowd to reach the best viewpoint. Hence it is better to plan your romantic tour package at a less crowded time towards the end of a tourist season, if not during the off-season. You will get enough time to enjoy each destination and get the privacy you need.

6. Pack Separately

It may sound a little rude, at first, when someone says to carry things in your backpack. But you will understand its advantages while on international travel. Both of you will be able to pack the things that you need and will know exactly where it is. Also, luggage will be divided into two thus reducing the weight. Moreover, you can avoid the fight on who should carry the bag.

7. Check on your partner

Ok, so you have booked a romantic tour package and embarked on a trip. You are having the time of your life and are enjoying every aspect of the journey. But your partner seems unusually silent. You know this is the red light that you should watch out for. Softly enquire what is bothering her. Is she tired, hungry, or is it something you did? It is better to find and solve the issue at the earliest. Or you may end up regretting it your whole life.

8. Get some alone time

While on your international tour package, you can easily get frustrated by the constant presence of your partner. You might feel suffocated and end up fighting over simple things. So make sure you get some time just for yourself every day. Enjoy a good massage, sunbathe on the beach, do whatever you feel like. You will surely feel much relaxed and the distance will make you want to be with your love again.

9. Plan some adventures together

If there is something that brings two people closer, it is adversity. You will learn to work together as a team and trust each other. Camping, trekking, mountaineering, and so on are some of the activities that you can involve in. It will help you understand your loved one’s strengths and weaknesses.

10. Plan a surprise gift

Surprises will spice things up on your tour. You can call your tour operator or the hotel you are staying and arrange to deliver the gift. It does not necessarily be something extravagant. Some beautiful flowers and a ‘Love you forever’ card delivered at the right moment will do the trick. Such simple things add color to the first international travel together.

11. Do not forget a candlelight dinner

In the rush for exploring the new land, do not forget to have romantic moments with your partner. A candlelight dinner is the best way to celebrate your love. If the climate is right, you can ask your tour operator to arrange it outdoor. What is more romantic than relishing tasty food with your partner under the starry sky with the dimly lit candle?

12. Capture the memories

Carry a camera or a phone with a decent cam and capture the special moments of your trip. Include candid pictures of your loved ones and selfies of you two having fun together. Make sure to print the pictures as soon as you get back home. These precious moments will last forever and put a smile on your face even after decades.

13. Eat Healthy food

Many a time, people cut the finances by eating fast food during their tours and travels. If you follow this routine for a few days, you will probably get sick. Choose healthy food for your partner and you. You surely can research the local delicacies of the destination and try them. But ensure that it agrees with you.

14. Be with her when she is sick

All days will not be the same. Sometimes she will be feeling under the weather and needs to rest. If you think you can leave her in the hotel room and go to the destinations so that money spent on the romantic tour package will not be wasted, you cannot be more wrong. You will appear like a self-centered person to your partner if you do that. It is better to take a day off and care for her. The comfort and care that you provide will surely strengthen the relationship. After all, that is the whole point of the journey, isn’t it?

15. Switch off your phone

A major mood killer on any vacation is the emails and calls from your employer. You have to inform your firm that you are traveling. You cannot be stressed out and spoil a romantic evening that she was looking forward to. Hence avoid checking emails and attending official calls during the international tour with your partner. Dedicate your time to your loved one alone.

16. Accept her as she is

The advantage of traveling together is that you get to know each other better. The way your lover reacts to new situations and adversities will help you understand her personality. Observe closely and remember her preferences. You might be surprised or even taken aback by some of her idiosyncrasies. But remember that no one is perfect. You have to accept her with all her peculiarities.

17. Make Compromises

No two people in the world have the same preferences. It is true for a couple too. This difference in opinions can sometimes lead to a fight when planning your romantic trip. To avoid this have an open discussion of what both of you want. Find a middle ground where you both make a compromise. For instance, if she wants to stay in a four-star hotel while you want to go camping, stay for a couple of days in the hotel and go camping afterwar


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