Surprise your love with a special Kerala tour this Valentines Day : Valentine Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Kerala Tour – 14 Romantic Getaway Destinations to surprise your special one

Have you planned your V-Day Surprise Romantic Trip yet? When love is in the air, live that moment to the fullest. On Valentine's Day, schedule your lovey-dovey vacation to Kerala this time. We have some special Kerala tour ideas that are perfect to make your Valentine’s memorable. This Valentine, grab your best camera, and traveling gear, and hold onto that special person who could make your heart shine in the darkest of days.

As you read on, this list will showcase tour ideas in Kerala for honeymooners, girlfriend-boyfriend couples, married lovebirds who love to relive their romance and so many more. It is a balanced mix of romance, peace, mystical natural beauty, and a touch of adventure to spice up the travel.

If you are wondering about what is special about Kerala, here's why you should visit Kerala for your Valentine this time:

  1. A heavenly mix of positive vibes
  2. Contrasting sceneries to explore – Enjoy misty mountains, forests, peaceful lagoons, and magical hairpin road drives.
  3. The language compatibility of the locals is awesome! One in 3 people will communicate in English or Hindi.
  4. Cultural acceptance is initiated without a second thought.
  5. Safe for women and children.
  6. Food will be every gastronomic lover's haven of flavors

Okay, have we pricked your travel nerve? Then come along to know more.

Athirappally Waterfalls

For loves made in heaven, we suggest you spend time in the waters of the fascinating, ice-cool Athirappally Waterfalls. Do you love swimming? Then this is for you.

How to reach Athirappally Waterfalls?

Once in Kerala, you have to reach Chalakudy by road. Then, in a 30-kilometer road drive, you will reach your destination.
Just 5 kilometers from Athirapally, you will reach the next relaxing waterfall spot- the famous Vazhachal waterfall.
By air, drop at the Cochin International Airport and make your way to Chalakudy and then to the waterfalls.
By rail, if you get down at the Cochin railway station and continue the rest of the journey via road, the destination can be reached fast.

How Athirappally Waterfalls is a lover’s spot for Valentine's day?

With plenty of spas, rejuvenation centers nearby, churches and temples, near waterfalls, this place is home to a lot of the best tourist places to visit in Kerala for Valentine'Day this time. Make sure to carry your clothing so that you can take a dip, and spend some time in the waters.

Align with this, you can explore the Shaolayar forest ranges, walk, and enjoy the local delicacies at affordable rates.

Alleppey Backwaters & Kerala Houseboats

Tingle your inner romantic vibes once you reach the heart of Kerala's tourism beauty – Alleppey. It is the land of backwaters, houseboat rides, plenty of seafood, and seriously an overdose of fresh air, and great culture.

How to reach Alleppey backwaters for your Valentine’s trip?

By flight, get down at Cochin International Airport. Then take a cab to Alappuzha or Alleppey via road and reach this pristine place.
You can also disembark at the Trivandrum International Airport and book travel experts at Cochin to take you to Alleppey Houseboats.
People can reach Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Sri Lanka and follow the above-mentioned road route.

How can I enjoy the Alleppey backwater houseboat ride with my love?

If you want to book the famous romantic houseboat ride that honeymooners and Valentine couples book, then this is the right time.
Get in touch with houseboat tours in advance to get a boat of your liking.
They will take you for a trip around the backwaters, serve you Kerala-style lunch, stop over at the coastal sides and allow you to enjoy the moonlit bedroom scenery in style.

Munnar Hill Stations

Munnar is often regarded as the hub of romantic getaways in Kerala. This 2023, plan a trip to the scintillating Munnar Hill stations in Kerala to add more life to your relationship. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Kerala, situated in Idukki, The best time to visit Munnar is from Jan- March – and that is when Valentine falls too.

How to reach Munnar Hill Stations?

Once you reach the Kochi International Airport or the Cochin Railway Station, then you can book a cab directly to Munnar. It will be a long ride of about 115 – 120 kilometers depending on the route, but you will be wonderstruck by the misty road drive.

Munnar – The Ideal Lover's Paradise

Embrace the green-carpeted landscapes jeweled with multi-flora extravagance. You can get to enjoy freshly brewed tea from the Tea Museums, take a walk along the countryside pathways, and also visit the spice plantations, tea plantations, royal palaces, and first of the kings of the past.

Sandy Beaches

If you and your loved one want to prep up your tanned body and flaunt a couple of photographs under the natural aura of Kerala sunlight, we suggest going for the beaches.

Some of the special Kerala tourist beach places that couples must visit are:

  1. Cherai Beach (Experience magical solitude)
  2. Varkala Beach (Adventurous indulgence for lovers from windsurfing to snorkeling)
  3. Kovalam Beach (Don't miss the captivating sunsets from one of the largest beaches in Kerala)
  4. Payyambalam Beach (Rejuvenate, Binge on Snack, Repeat!)
  5. Kozhikode Beach (near the famous Dolphin Point in Kerala)
  6. Kolavipalam Beach (The Turtle Beach)

Pilgrimages, Museums, and Spas for Mind & Body Rejuvenation

If you are in Kerala, then make your mushy love story extra special this Valentine’s. Pamper your body with the best of Ayurvedic spa treatments from the best of well-being packages available for men and women alike.

These luxurious moments can be the perfect surprise for your love this Valentine's Day. You can also step into some of the most famous Kerala churches, temples, museums, libraries, parks, and waterparks to enjoy nature and leisure to the fullest.

Fort Kochi – A Dreamworld for lovers

Fort Kochi is the haven for fish lovers and those who love to slip into heritage in its finest form.

How to reach Fort Kochi?

As long as you reach the Cochin International Airport or the Cochin railway station, then you can get into a cab or even catch the local buses that stop by at Fort Kochi. There is no metro pathway as of yet, so the cab is the best for those coming from other states of India.

Places you can visit on Valentine’s at Fort Kochi

Some of the best places to visit at Fort Kochi are the:

  1. Chinese fishing net centers
  2. Jew culture-themed shopping villages
  3. Portuguese architecture-based churches
  4. Public Ferry Rides

Thekkady Tea Plantations

Just as the name reflects a dose of enigmatic elegance, the Thekkady Tea Plantations have invariably the soft spot in every lover's travel bucket list in Kerala. This Valentine’s 2023, let the aroma of fresh tea leaves take your relationships on a soothing note of happiness.

How to reach Thekkady?

If you have Munnar, then just proceed for a 5-kilometer road drive to Thekkady.

What can couples explore at the Thekkady Tea Plantations?

There are a couple of tourist destinations that one can visit once they arrive in Thekkady such as the Poabs plantations, Pattumala plantations, local tea factories, etc.

Pathirmanal Island

Are you a bird lover couple? Pathirmanal Island is the best fit for such peaceful lovers. It is a lovely island situated in Alleppey. So, plan a trip to the Alleppey Houseboat ride and also have a mesmerizing walk through the island, watch the birds flock, and sing their chirps gleefully.

How to reach Pathirmanal Island in Kerala?

It is just about 13 kilometers from Alleppey town. To reach Alleppey, you have to reach the Cochin Airport or Cochin railway or bus station. From there, take a cab, and travel to Alleppey. Then book a boat ride at the Muhamma Boat Jetty to reach this splendid Island.

What is special about Valentine’s trip in Kerala to Pathirmanal Island?

For the ones who love to gaze at the open skies and watch birds, this Island is home to about 91 odd species of Indian birds and various 50 migratory species that habitat at various seasons. Some of the commonly found birds are Indian Shag, Whistling Duck, Common Teal, Little Cormorant, Purple Heron, Whiskered Tern, and Bronze-winged Jacanas are a to mention.

Calvary Mount

A quaint, mystical location that every romantic couple should visit in Kerala. It is also known as the Kalvari Mount and is locked away in the tinsel town of Idukki. We added this as part of our travel series for Valentine’s as not many people know about this area. It is quiet, soul-finding away from toxic lives, and a great venue to spend time with your partner better. They have plenty of affordable and premium restaurants and stay homes where you can lodge, and explore the place at your convenience.

There is a steep walk of about 1.5 kilometers up the Mount wherein you can enjoy the view of the Idukki town and the cool winds of the location,

How to reach the Calvary Mount?

You can get there by road via a cab or even a snuggled-up biker experience. Watch the hairpin curves and steep roads, and enjoy the trip that is set within the natural purity of Idukki. You will have to take the Kottayam-Kattappana route to reach the place via road.

Lakkidi – The Gateway of Wayanad

Heard about this fairy-tale tourist destination in Kerala? It is situated in Wayanad and flaunts the beauty of the Thamarassery Ghats Pass in all its glory.

How to reach the tourist destination – Lakkidi in Wayanad, Kerala?

For those taking the flight services, you will have to get down at the Karipur Airport. If you come by railway, then step down at the Kozhikode Railway station and then continue the journey by road for about 100 + kilometers. You can take the local buses, or arrange travelers and cabs for your road travel. By road, you can first reach Wayanad or the Vythiri road to make it to Lakkidi.

Best Places to Visit in Wayanad Lakkidi town for Valentine’s or your honeymoon

There are many places where families spend time in Lakkidi, and if you are a newly married couple or Valentine’s travel pair, here are a few travel spots in Wayanad, Kerala.

  1. Padur: The walks will be seldomly populated ad you will love the weather every minute. A visit to the famous Sree Panichnar Temple is worth uplifting your moods.
  2. Pookot Lake: This serene freshwater lake is located about 770 m above sea level. You can take all day to stroll on the grassy slopy mountains, have a fun picnic, and take pictures amongst the forested areas,
  3. Chelakkara: The highest scenic spot in Wayanad is Chelakkara is just about 22 kilometers from this gorgeous place.
  4. Palappuram: A lazy town that augments your love vibes like the romantic films that you love. The lofty mountains, the musical tingle from the temples in the background, and the spiritual peacefulness of the nearby churches are an experience that every true lover would share with his/ her would-be.

Marari Moonlight Walks

Is your lover a fan of the bucolic lifestyle? Then Marari would be a wonderful surprise for your partner. Truly, rustic, undeterred by modernity, and yet so captivating tourist location for lovers to visit in Kerala this Valentine's Day. backpack, and enjoy this budget-friendly trip. You can stay in homestays that meet your expenses and enjoy the local seafood platter.

How to reach Marari?

To reach Marari – flight takers, you can book a flight to Cochin Airport. Then hire a taxi to reach Marari. Or else, for rail travelers, reach Alleppey station, Kottayam station, or the Cochin railway station and then head for the road drive. On-road, you need to take the NH47 from Cochin, as it is just about 1 kilometer away from Cochin town.

Poovar – The Dignified Paradise

Enveloped by the magical beauty of the Arabian Sea on the east, and the powerful Ghats on the other side, your partner will surely be awed by the tourist destination in Kerala. Though in the past it was a trading hub of precious woods and elephant tusks, today it has been protected and conserved well. The village atmosphere and friendly ambiance will make your trip precious and loved to the max. Explore the floating cottages, and nearby water spaces, and rejuvenate with the best spa facilities curated with the Indian heritage of natural medicines.

How to reach Poovar?

You can plan the dropdown at the Trivandrum Railway station and enjoy a 28-kilometer drive to Poovar by road. You can do the same if you get down at the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport.

Vagamon's Virgin forests

A quaint town that embraces raw nature along with tourism in an enchanting manner. For those, who love to enjoy the laidback Valentine’s trip with your loved one. Known to be a great picnic post that is tucked away in the Western Ghats, travel experts have listed this as one of the most beautiful tourist places in Kerala every romantic couple should visit.

How to reach Vagamon?

Vagamon can be reached via road, as it is just 100 kilometers from Kochi city. You can get down at the Kochi International Airport, book a cab, and enjoy the breezy ride to this peaceful venue.

What are the places to visit in Vagamon for Valentine's?

With Valentine's time blooming up, you need to simply put aside gadget life and enjoy serenity at the breathtaking landscapes to the fullest. Make sure to plan your visit to these Vagamon tourist places:

  1. Pine Hills: If the old British stories have enticed you, experience early morning misty walks through these pines. The woods are the best to walk for long miles, capture photos and get to know each other without any disturbances and pollution.
  2. Vagamon Meadows: Be a part of the mystical meadows at Vagamon and enjoy the lush greenery at the place. Enjoy strolls, sip into some village-style chai, and enjoy snacks. It is one of the peaceful spots in Vagamon for couples to gather their thoughts and reignite their romance amid nature.
  3. Thangalpara: Get adorned with a touch of spirituality at the Thangalpara tourist destination in Kerala. Nestled about 2500 feet, this rock (para means rock in the Malayalam language) is said to be the living space of a famous saint Sheikh Fariduddin. Today, lovers flock to this hilltop (timings from 6 am- 6 pm) to get a perfect view of Vagamon Town and also spend quality time in silence.
  4. Maramala Waterfalls: Experience spectacular waterfall cascades that would fill your senses in blissful moments. Take a plunge, wander amongst the Teekoy Rubber estates, and witness the village life most humbly.

Idukki Dam

For those who need a quick Valentine's special Kerala getaway, Idukki Dam should be added to your bucket list. Depending on the seasonal variations, the entry will be restricted for safety reasons. So, enquire with travel experts in Kerala (Funday contact link) before visiting the place. It is one of the highest arch dams in Asia and was built on the famous Periyar River.
Tourists can climb the rugged pathways, see the gorges from a cascading height of 550 feet, see how the hydel energy systems work and even go boating in this reservoir waters.

  1. Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary: Once you reach Vagamon, continue the road ride for another 10 kilometers to reach the Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary. From boating to lazy picnicking, this sanctuary gives the right vibes to unwind your love with your spouse or your special partner,
  2. Barren Hills: For adventurous couples, get a taste of rock climbing, trekking, and paragliding at the Barren Hills at Vagamon. Better known as Mottakunnu, people love to enjoy the windy ambiance, kite flying, and eco-friendly, as no plastic waste disposal is encouraged.

Bekal – The Lagoon Trail

Moving on, head to the east side of Kerala, where your senses will fall in love with history. We are talking about the beauty of Bekal, a small town in Kasargod. Notably, it is home to one of the most iconic forts in Kerala, where plenty of film shootings have been taken too. Do, grab your spot too.

How to reach Bekal?

If you travel by rail, you will have to reach the Kasargod railway station or the Kanhangad railway station. For those who arrive at the Mangalore Airport, book a cab and enjoy a 50 km ride to Bekal. For those who travel within Kerala, once you Kasargod, the spot is just 12 kilometers from the main town.

What are the places to visit in Bekal for Valentine's?

Some of the best tourist places in Kerala include the royal Bekal Fort in Kasargod. Apart from that, we have listed other great tourist spots to spend time in this Valentine’s.

  1. Bekal Fort – Travel back in time: At one glance, this Fort is sophisticated and captivating from every angle. With a meager registration fee, you have the luxury of exploring history with your special person peacefully. Climb and walk hand-in-hand along with the observation tower, and the ammunition pathway and have a glimpse of the humungous water tank.
  2. Nityanandashram Caves: More than 45 caves are present in this area and were famous hideouts for warriors in the past. Today, it has been protected and allowed the entry of tourists, Hold hands, as you clamber through these rugged terrains with your love. Don't miss taking a snap at the stone sculpture of Swami Nityananda, and even meditate to feel the natural positive energies that surround the place.
  3. Malik Deenar Mosque– Exquisite Architecture: If the landscapes have enticed you, we suggest a visit to this ancient mosque. The architecture is pristine, royal, and one-of-a-kind. You can stroll, and take a view of the Kerala culture that evoked a love for music, beauty, and spiritual serenity.
  4. Valiyaparamba Backwaters: Love has no language except beautiful dreams. Once you take a lovely houseboat ride in the picturesque Valiyaparamba Backwaters, it would melt any stress that lingers in your life. Spend your Valentine with family or partner, enjoy some good fishing, and local meals, and watch the lagoon in all its glamor.
  5. Bekal, Pallikere, Kapil Beaches: Soak your mind and body in crystal clear waters and soft sands while you spend some much-needed solitude and love with your special person by your side. These three beaches Bekal, Pallikere, and Kapil Beaches offer outstanding views, and great winds, and offer a decent tan, and spa sessions for ones who love the seas.
  6. Turtle Nesting – Hosdurg Beach: Watch the sunset and the gentle life of the seasonal turtles that come to lay eggs at the beach. The beach is highly protected, but nature lovers can quietly watch this phenomenon under organic thatched roof houses. The experience is truly stunning.
  7. Nileswaram: Considered a mythical knowledge ground for plenty of Indian cultures, this is a must-visit for those who love to stroll and talk to the local experts in the venue. It is famous for its artistic palaces, music, and even shop souvenirs to gift your loved ones.


The list could go on, and this list, if followed well, can be the best surprise to prove your love for this Valentine. Often it is the tiny things that matter in life. Our top tourist destinations in Kerala in 2023 are a mixed bag for the lazy vacationer couple and also the ones who love to hit the streets and enjoy the raw beauty of nature. Choose your pick, or even get in touch with us for a splendid Valentine's tour package in Kerala this year.


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