Parambikulam is the best spot for a nature lover wishing to enjoy a wildlife safari on their tour to Kerala. Filled with lush green forest, meandering streams, and rich biodiversity, the place offers a great jungle experience. The greenery adorning the ecotourism destination is second to none. Streams zig-zagging through the panoramic landscape contain cool and pure water. Above all this, Parambikulam offers an opportunity to see the Bengal Tigers, which are at once majestic and ferocious.

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For those who wish to spend their vacation away from all the rush of daily life, Parambikulam is a sanctuary. A holiday in the bosom of mother nature with a clean environment and pure air will surely reenergize and refresh anyone. Hence the place ranks top on the list of the best tourist destinations for nature lovers visiting Kerala.

Nestled in the bosom of Western Ghats— the mountain ranges that is one of the thirty-four biodiversity spots on earth — Parambikulam is a serene location. It is the best place to imbibe the beauty of mother nature in its purest form. Considering its ecological importance, the thick forest was declared as a protected region in 1973.

There are many tourist attractions to visit in Parambikulam. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, with its rich population of rare beasts, the centuries-old Kannimara Teak, the charming Parambikulam dam and so on allure tourists to the destination. These attractions make it one of the best places to visit in Kerala for nature lovers.

Best Time To Visit Parambikulam

Parambikulam is a year-round tourist destination. The mild climate in the region facilitates tourism activities through all seasons. However, the ideal time to visit Parambikulam is the winter season, which falls between December and February. The seasonal peculiarities of the place are as follows:

  • Winter Season: Falling between November and February, the winter season is a pleasant time in Parambikulam. The temperature during this fluctuates between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. The days are pleasant, and the nights are cool. In the tourist spot, the hills are covered in mist during the mornings and mother nature assumes a peculiar green glow. It is also the best time to involve in adventure activities like trekking and safari as you are unlikely to sweat as much in the otherwise humid climate of the region.
  • Summer Season: Summer is quite hot and humid in the region. The temperature fluctuates between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. Hence the time is not considered ideal for tourism activities. The heavy air makes you sweat throughout the day. However, those looking for a budget trip can choose this time of the year as the travel and accommodation expenses will be low compared to other seasons. If you plan to visit Parambikulam during this time of the year, make sure you wear shorts and sleeveless. Also, sunscreen will come in handy.
  • Monsoon Season: Monsoon brings with it heavy rainfall to the tourist destination of Parambikulam. Between June and September, the area receives an average rainfall of 200 centimeters. It is exciting to visit the region during this time if you long to experience the downpours. However, if you plan to trek through the reserve forest, this may not be a suitable time for it.

How To Reach Parambikulam

Located in the Palakkad district in Kerala, Parambikulam has good air, road, and rail connectivity. Pollachi in Tamil Nadu is the nearest town. The different ways to reach the famous tourist destination are:

  • By Road: Though located in Kerala, the place is more accessible through Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. Frequent buses from the town are available for budget travelers. You can also avail taxi service if that suits you.
  • By Rail: Coimbatore railway station is the nearest railhead to Parambikulam. Train services to the station are available from almost all major cities in India like Delhi, Rajkot, Mumbai, Bikaner, and so on. Though the railway station is at a distance of 96 kilometers away from the reserve forest, frequent buses and taxi services are available that will get you to the destination within 2 hours.
  • By Air: Located at a distance of 110 kilometers, Coimbatore airport is the closest one to Parambikulam. Direct flights are available to the destination from Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Bhubaneshwar. Pre-paid taxi service is available from the airport that will take you to attractions in Parambikulam.