Kannimara Teak

The Kannimara Teak, considered the oldest teak tree in the world, is in Parambikulam. It is estimated that the tree is almost 450 years old. tourists are attracted to it not only because of the age but also due to its size. Towering over 49.5 meters, it has a girth of an astonishing 6.8 meters. Tourists come to the region to see and capture the pictures of the grandpa tree. The government of India, realizing its uniqueness, gave it the title Mahavriksha Puraskar.

If you are in Kerala, and specifically in the Palakkad district, then this teak should be made part of your travel visit plan. It is within the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary allowing tourists to view the magnanimity of the entire landscape. You can go for treks and safari rides within the tiger reserve.

The Sanctuary is open seven days a week and the timings for visit is 7 am – 6 pm. The entry fees range between Rs 25/- – Rs 150/- depending on the vehicles you take. Once inside, you can visit the Teak tree, trekking, jungle camps, bamboo rafting expeditions, and even a guide will educate you on the nature and wildlife that exists in this ecosystem.