Parambikulam dam

Parambikulam Dam

One of the top ten embankment dams in the world, the Parambikulam Dam is a great place to visit. It serves the irrigation needs of both states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Surrounded by emerald green hills and placid water, the reservoir provides an exquisite view for tourists. It is the perfect spot for picnicking. As it is close to the tiger reserve, most tourists visit the place on the Parambikulam tour.

The iconic dam is known to be one of the best places to visit in Kerala if you are an adventure trekker and love hiking in the natural spot in India, we suggest you book a vacation to the Parambikulam Dam this time. You can easily have a one-day tour of the place with family and friends. This awesome location is within the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. The best time to visit this massive construction is between the month of October and March, Once the summer rains and the monsoons start, it will not be possible to visit the place. This is due to the huge flow of rough waters in the area. To reach the place you need to take a cab, for a 93 km journey from Palakkad. For those coming from Tamil Nadu, this is just 57 km from Pollachi and about 98 km from Coimbatore.

To enter the place, you need to get into the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. The entry fees would be about Rs, 25/- per citizen, and for International tourists, it will be Rs.30/-. You can enter the premises from 7 am to 6 pm every day. Along with visiting the Dam, tourists can go trekking, and visit the Dam View. Valley Points. Tribal Heritage Center and also Lake View Point. You can try bamboo rafting also, and various trekking paths with the groups and guides allowed in the area.