Thirunelli Temple

Thirunelli Temple Wayanad

Thirunelli Temple is set on the backdrop of the charming Brahmagiri mountain region and is on the ancient temples devoted to Lord Vishnu. The temple is also known as Sahyamala Kshetram and is surrounded by forests and mist-covered hills. The Kashi of South, Thirunelli temple is the only temple where devotees can carry out rituals that relate to birth, death, and life after death. The Papanasini river lies closer to the temple. A walk to the river is tedious but memorable. The majority of the visitors are devotees who come to perform ancestral ceremonies.

Holy rock and Gunnika, the cave temple are attractions of the temples. The magnificence and scenic beauty of the temple increase spiritual experiences and are unavoidable.

The temple premises can be visited every day at two times, In the mornings, devotees can pray and do rites between 5: 30 am and 12 pm. Then, the next session will extend between 5: 30 pm and 8 pm. Both the timings flock large crowds who come for religious purposes and also to visit the peaceful sanctum reflected at the temple and also be awed by the architecture of the traditional royal era of South India.

After you plan a trip to the temple, also don't miss a trip to a wonderful trekking destination named Pakshipathalam. The temple and the nearby places can be reached by bus, jeep, and by your own car. You can enter from Kerala, via Mananthavadi town, and go to Thirunellii town. For those who come from Karnataka, you will have to take Mysore Road to reach Mananthavadi town. Book your accommodation in advance, as there are few guest houses in the area for pilgrims from various places of India. Mostly, you will be served vegetarian meals near the lodgings near the temple areas,

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