Walking tours are so much fun. Walking helps us to be fit physically, and it has many therapeutic outcomes too. When going for sightseeing, walking is the best way to enjoy attractions passionately. So, what makes the Walking tour distinguished? Do you want to know what Funday Holidays got to say about it? Here we go.

Walking is the best way to discover a city. As you enjoy a stroll through a new place you are getting all the possible ways to explore the heart and soul of that place. How, isn’t it? Your feet will take you through the narrow paths, and roads that cannot be explored on a bike or rickshaw.

As the leading holiday planners, Funday Holidays are known for the out of the box thinking pattern and holiday making. While knitting an itinerary, we make sure that the activities included sightseeing interest travelers and give them immense possibilities to discover a new destination. As a part, we include walking as a major activity for sightseeing. We are known as the best walking tour providers because we arrange walking tours to the most beautiful destinations in the world.

A walking tour gives you access to a lot more attractions than any other activity. This tour is the best way to meet locals and fellow travelers as well. Meeting them in person will give you time to engage in conversations that widen your perspective and understanding about the destination too. This understanding helped us to gain the crown, "best walking tour planners."

If you go through our detailed itineraries, you will understand that as holidaymakers we provide packages with engaging activities. Our holiday packages are with international standards and we make sure that the beauty of cities, especially is known for artistic beauty are explored in a walking tour. We arrange walking tours to cities as well as mountains and forests. We have included walking as an avoidable activity in our holiday package. Our tour packages including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and various Indian destinations namely; Munnar, Fort Cochin, Thekkady, etc are famed for the best walking tours we carry-out.

As you know, India is one of the few places in the world that gives immense opportunities for walking tours. We conduct India nature walks for sightseers who are interested to travel back to the roots of existence- nature. Besides, there are certain cities and villages in India which are known for its hiking trails and in our tour packages to these destinations, we include it as walks in India. This helps travelers of all kinds, history-buffs, adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts, etc to celebrate vacation passionately.

Now, don’t you think, you must go for a stroll through the cities and villages without a second thought? If you have a passion to explore nature and get indulged in its mystic beauty, book the best walking tours listed by Funday Holidays.