Ever felt that sightseeing is too fast on your trip? Do you love to explore destinations at a slow pace? Going off from the taken path is something thrilling, isn’t it? These thoughts encouraged us to come up with something beyond the ordinary holiday plans. Cycling tour!

As you know, cycling is fun. It is a unique and exceptional activity, because the very essence of a vacation is discovering and getting familiar with the destination care-free, and you get that with our exotic cycling group. We arrange cycling through the most wonderful destinations of the world and from our experience, we feel that the mountains, cities known for their history and beauty, and the villages, are best explored when you go on a cycle tour.

Travel planners of Funday Holidays are well-aware that the adventure soul gets an enthusiastic spirit of joy as they cycle to experience the destination. A cycling tour is complete only when the sightseer gets an opportunity to explore the culture, lifestyle, language, history, art, and more. Those who are passionate about cycling will agree to this. Don't you?

If you are all ready to take your vacation to the next level, Funday Holidays assures you an amazing opportunity to roam around the most exotic places of the world on a cycle. The destinations known for best cycling tours are Kodaikanal, Munnar, Cochin, SriLanka, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, etc

Among all the landscapes, mountains are known for creating the best cycling tours. So, if you are planning a vacation at Kodaikanal with us, during your stay, you can go around, explore uphills and downhills on a cycle, and that is going to be real fun! In short, a cycle tour through the misty mountains will make you’re touring an unbeatable experience. We believe that the serene landscape and captivating climate are perfect for cycling adventures.

When it comes to SriLanka, Singapore, and Malaysia, the cycling tour is going to be a brilliant idea. All these places are known for their diverse attractions; the mountains and the architectural beauty make it inevitable to explore these places slowly on a cycle. As you go ahead, you get enough time to look at the elegance of these attractions and the attention to detail given in completing them. It is going to be a marvelous experience!

Realizing the excitement people have in exploring places, we have routed our cycle tours in the most captivating way. We ensure that sightseers get the most sophisticated and latest model cycles. Also, we take care of any unforeseen events that can happen during the expedition. Since our inception, we have passionately carried out cycling activities and have ensured that the cycling enthusiasts enjoy a great trip with us, worry-free.

Today, Funday Holidays is branded as the best cycling tour provider because we are inclined to provide cycle tours that help travelers experience the beauty of the destinations as a whole. With our experience and expertise, we became experts in creating the best cycling tours for passionate cyclists. We are proud that people are joining us from around the world. A cycle tour should provide an enriching experience, and we promise you that!

Feel free to inform us about your cycling interests, and together, let us cover the most beautiful parts of the world.