Beach snorkeling is an amazing underwater sport known for fun and adventure. This watersport gives you a chance to sneak-peek into the beauty of the marine world. Earlier, only a few places around the world were providing snorkeling facilities. But over the years, this activity is gaining popularity and people around the world include this activity in their bucket-list. At present, all the prominent beach destinations provide snorkeling for vacationers. If you have included snorkeling in your to-do list but have not tried it yet, this is the right time for you. Thrilled?

Travelers hotspot, India earns recognition from tourists from far and near. There are a huge number of tourist attractions, activities to engage in and places to explore. These places with its magnificent and picturesque views leave sightseers speechless. Known for a wide range of activities- adventure-filled, therapeutic and relaxing, India surprises its vacationers in the most astounding ways. Among the places to visit in India, Islands and beaches are a fascination because of the activities and ambiance. For those who look for a fun-filled activity at the beach with zero risks, snorkeling is going to be a brilliant choice!

If you are planning for a vacation with us, we invite you to discover the aqua life with Snorkeling activity India, a must to do water sports. So, Adrenaline junkies are you ready to discover a new world? Gear-up, the fun begins here!

India, as we know, is perfect for any kind of traveler. There are several beautiful islands in this stunning land. The beaches and clear water is an attraction for anyone who visits India. For those who are looking for a beach holiday with Snorkeling activities in India, Funday Holidays have made a list of places excellent for snorkeling. This will help you to choose a place with ease.

Let us begin,

Andaman Nicobar Islands comes first in the list. The blue water and the white sand make it a perfect combination to immerse in the beauty of nature and thereby celebrate your holiday. All the islands of Andaman and Nicobar are known for a wide range of watersports, among them snorkeling stands-out. The calm and clear water of Havelock island, Red Skin Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Cinque Island, make snorkeling a wonderful experience to cherish. Lakshadweep is crowned as one of the best Snorkeling places in India. Lakshadweep with its coral reefs and abundant marine life makes snorkeling a jaw-dropping activity. On your Lakshadweep visit, you must go snorkeling at Kadmat, Agatti, and Bangaram, without a second thought. All these islands drive marine-lovers crazy. The best thing about these little paradises is its tranquility. Also, Kadmat, with its serene lagoon attracts divers and swimmers. The sea has created a natural border to protect these lagoons, a natural wonder that impresses anyone and everyone. You are going to be stunned by the surprises nature has stored for you! Another beautiful island is Netrani Islands in Karnataka. This island is famed for vacation snorkeling activities. Netrani otherwise called Pigeon Island includes a rich aqua life that leaves you awe-struck. Besides, Pondicherry and Goa are also perfect destinations for snorkeling and other watersports.

Picture-perfect, isn’t it? Are you excited and waiting for the fun to begin? Any worries or thoughts that bother you with regard to this activity? RELAX!!!

We promise you that you don't have to worry a bit because Snorkeling activities in India are safe and secure. Aqua-lovers can take part in this activity without any worry. Even if you are not a swimmer, you can enjoy this activity with the help of an experienced guide. You will be assisted by the guide who will help you to wear the snorkeling equipment. If needed, the guide will help you to float over the water and stare at the marine life beneath. During this activity, you will meet and greet a wide range of marine animals. Imagine, what an overwhelming experience it will be to explore the aquatic animals in their terrain. Real Fun! Don't you think so? Want to enjoy snorkeling? Let us know, we will help you to explore the best Snorkeling Places India. A fantastically enjoyable holiday awaits you!