Tips to ensure you plan the perfect Kerala honeymoon packages

 5 Tips To Plan Perfect Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Honeymoon is a great time for couples to retreat to a romantic place and enjoy the quality time together. It helps you to understand each other’s likes and dislikes better. A well-planned honeymoon will etch fond memories in your heart that can cherish throughout your married life.

But a honeymoon can be quite difficult to plan. After the stressful wedding preparation, it can be taxing. If you choose Kerala as your honeymoon destination, there are a variety of honeymoon packages. Moreover, you have to decide on a number of things to like: where to go? how many days you should stay? how much money to spend? and so on.

You have to know about a lot of things before you go on a honeymoon. If something goes wrong, the excitement of the whole trip just evaporates. Hence meticulous planning is necessary to spend a hassle-free honeymoon.

Tips to help you plan a romantic honeymoon trip

If you keep some things in mind, you can have a cherishable tour. Here are some tips that will help you avoid problems and spend a great time with your loved one.

Choose your destination

Choosing the right destination for your honeymoon is not as easy as it sounds. The tour agencies provide you with a number of options for honeymoon packages in Kerala. You have to take into account your preferences and that of your partner’s. For instance, you may want to go to a hill station, but your better half may not be comfortable in high altitudes. So it is better to have a good discussion before fixing a location. Make sure to choose a place which provides you the opportunity for sightseeing, adventure activities and also a comfortable stay.

Make a budget

Let us face it, a honeymoon is a costly affair. From travel to accommodation and dinner, everything is a sure shot to make your wallet lighter. Hence it is important to decide on the budget. Take your time to plan the number of days and places you want to visit. If you have good planning, you can reduce the amount spent considerably. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose from the number of Kerala tour packages for couples from a reputed tour operator. It will give a precise idea about the money you have to spend.

However, make sure to keep some money aside for surprise expenses in case something turns up. It also gives you the freedom to add flavor to the honeymoon by giving a surprise to your partner.

Make your preferences clear

If you are choosing a Kerala honeymoon package, make sure to convey what you expect to your travel agent. Good communication will surely make it easier for them to shape the trip according to your requirement. The same goes for the resort or hotel you are planning to stay in. For instance, if you are choosing a seaside accommodation, ask specifically for a room with a good view. It is better to convey what you need exactly as most hotels are very flexible. You can arrange a romantic candlelit dinner or Champagne if you prefer that. But make sure it is conveyed properly to avoid last-minute confusions.

Blend adventure and relaxation

Honeymoon is not like a sightseeing tour. While the latter lays emphasis on cramming maximum destinations and activities in a day, the former should be more relaxed and laid back. So keep that in mind while you are choosing a honeymoon package. You should get to sightsee and involve in some adventure activities or else it will be very drab. But you should also find time to relax and connect with your partner too. That is the ultimate aim of the trip. Hence choose your honeymoon package that facilitates both activity and relaxation.

Plan a surprise

This is the best part of a honeymoon. Give your better half a surprise that will please him or her. Make sure to understand what the person loves most and plan it on the last day of the trip. It can be anything from a thoughtful gift to a romantic experience like a candlelit dinner or watching the sunset by the beach. An unexpected boat ride or activities like a couples adventure can also do the trick. Just make sure to plan it ahead and execute it at the right time. It will surely add more flavor to the romantic memories.

Make your Honeymoon special

If you follow these five tips you can surely have a great getaway. It will help you to shed the stress of the wedding and give you a perfect start for a long and happy married life.

So go on and make your honeymoon special.


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