Diwali- the Festival of Light, Love, and Joy!

When the smell of sweets, bright lights, the warmth of family get-togethers, and the sound of celebrations lift your spirits, know that it’s Diwali time! When the good vibes and smiles embrace you, know to buckle up for a grand celebration that will cheer you up to look forward!

As you know, Diwali, or Deepavali, is the most fascinating festival in India. The word Diwali is derived from two words; DEEP and AVALI. Deep  means “light” and AVALI means a “row“, thus Diwali means “a row of lights“. This festival of lights is celebrated for four days and the country will be illuminated with lights that make people dazzle with joy. Since Diwali is the festival of lights, the people will light the lamps, burst crackers, distribute sweets, and organize cultural shows.

Significance Of Diwali

According to history and legends,  the story behind the Diwali celebration varies. A few believed that Diwali is the celebration of Lord Rama's homecoming; after being exiled for 14 years. As per history, the citizens of Ayodhya first lit the Diyas (lights) to welcome back Rama after defeating Ravana. But there are a few who believe that Diwali is the wedding celebration of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi. Also, there are some who say Diwali is celebrated because Krishna killed Narakaasur, Goddess Laxmi's birthday, The Return of Pandavas, etc. This indicates that depending upon the places and the culture,  the celebration style, and stories vary. In certain regions, the god of wisdom and prosperity; Lord Ganesha is worshipped and in some regions, Goddess Kali is praised. Besides, Jainism says, Diwali denotes the anniversary of Mahavira attaining Nirvana or liberation.

The stories may vary but Diwali reminds us of two main things; the importance of forgiving and loving one another. In fact, it is a celebration that is beyond lights and sweets. The call of Diwali is to forgive and unite in love. It is also the time to reflect upon oneself, let go off of hatred, forgive fellow beings, and love one another.  There are a number of customs and practices that are followed during this period of time.

According to the practices during these days, people should get up before Brahmamuhurta which is before sunrise, and make prayers.  People distribute clothes and sweets among family members, friends, etc. Besides, the houses will be cleaned and beautified; at night oil lamps will be illuminated.  Besides, as part of the celebrations, food and clothing will be provided for the less privileged on a large scale.

How is Diwali Celebrated ???

  • Prayers and Worships
  • Exchange of Gifts
  • Decorating homes and preparing special snacks
  • Earthen Diyas for Diwali
  • Drawing Rangolis
  • Cultural shows/events
  • Lighting up the nights with lamps and firecrackers

Isn't it exciting to hear about Diwali? Colors, lights, fireworks, and what more you need? Above all these material things, the joy of love and laughter, the warmth of caring and sharing makes Diwali even more spectacular! So as a traveler do you ever dream of visiting India during Diwali. Doesn't sound cool!!! Celebrating Diwali in India!!! That is going to be fab, being a part of the festival and celebrating Diwali like a local, so don't miss it! However,  you need to plan it and make the arrangements a little earlier because this is the time when visitors flock to India and there is going to be a rush in terms of bookings and chartings!

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