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45 Best Goa Party Places, Shacks & Clubs -Absolutely Cool Crowd Pullers to try out

You bet, it's party time in some of the best Goa party places. Our trippy vibes have been set on fire; join us as we explore some of the coolest Goa nightlife spots to celebrate your New Year, Christmas, bachelor parties, etc. Or just unwind, and go partying like no one's watching your swag!

Well, Goa needs no introduction, but for first-timers, get ready to experience an adrenaline rush. Once your feet touch the energetic Sunburn Festival Goa, cool nightclubs in Goa, and, of course, DJ parties – you will be addicted. This listicle focuses on some of the must-visit Goa party places that you should explore in life.

Goa – India's Nightlife Capital

If you are a party animal, then Goa will stay close to your heart for sure! It is a natural mélange of beaches; nightclubs, Goan rave party destinations, trance parties, fresh seafood eateries, festive events, dance parties, and lots more.

Is North Goa or South Goa better for enjoyment?

Goa’s entertainment is divided into two areas: North Goa and South Goa. If you love parties, electrifying music, and all-night rave parties, then head north. Alternatively, if you like to laze around campfires, resorts, and beaches and enjoy a laid-back ambience, then South Goa should be your pick.

What are Goa Nightlife Party Spots to add to my travel bucket list?

1. Sunburn Festival Goa 2021

Enjoy the blast this time, and book your party slots from December 27 to December 29 to join the eclectic vibes of top-performing singers and metallic music. It is known to be Asia's biggest and safest music festival and will be held at the Hill Top in Goa.

2. Deltin Royale Casino

Labeled as one of the most happening offshore casinos in Goa, get ready to sway to hip-hop vibes and try your luck with some classy casino moves. To get here, you need to arrive at Panaji Jetty or the Reis Magos Jetty and get picked up from there. Enjoy branded cocktails, music shows, world-class dining, and enjoy a breezy night on the decks of the floating casino. It is a one-of-a-kind experience.

3. Shiva Valley

Let your party spirits loose and don't miss the best Goa party places. The Shiva Valley is a favorite nightlife party destination for tourists around the globe. The place comes alive with exotic trance parties for the whole night. From rave party lovers to hippie travelers, you can find every party lover here. Though at a glance, it looks small, super large parties are being hosted here.

4. Hammerzz Nightclub

Get ready for the perfect nightlife stress-buster in Goa once you reach Hammerzz Nightclub. They have a luxurious rooftop restaurant, a curated bar, and a peppy ambience to set the party vibes moving. It is one of the top-rated party places in Goa as it never fails to disappoint in your quest for the finest food, hookah, drinks, and cool dance music talent displays.

5. Curlies

If you have planned a travel tour package to Goa, don't miss the Curlies late-night party hotspot at South Anjuna Beach. They are known for their hypnotic trance parties, jazzy beats, and soothing lighting. These cool beach shacks are friendly and invite diverse communities to interact and chill around for the whole night.

6. SinQ Nightclub

This nightclub in Goa is the perfect night out an idea for the energetic youth. It's chic, posh, and energetic and is a fine representation of Goa’s nightlife. For those who love to enjoy non-stop music, enjoy poolside parties, and ease stress, these retro-styled bars and lounges are perfect!

7. UV Bar (for the trance party lover)

Another night trance party spot in Goa is the UV Bar. They host one of the best DJ parties in Goa that enchants your minds and bodies for the whole night. The bar and nightclub are home to various artists and all genres of music. The mornings can be reserved for sunbathing, swimming, water sports, and enjoying the cocktails and exotic local cuisine of the house.

8. AZ.U.R Goa

When searching for the best party resorts in Goa, this falls on the list too. Once the evening time hits the streets of Goa, this will be one of the most lit-up party destinations for the night. Partygoers can have loads of fun with jazz music, good food, listening to the top international artists, and feeling the fantasy of upbeat party life at night in Goa.

9. Club Titos

Head to Baga Beach and unwind with the best of the music played by commercial artists. In plush settings and open dance floors, you can have all the fun you want.

10. Big Daddy Casino

For game lovers, this high-class casino is a pampering experience. It has been designed offshore, where party lovers can join the crowd for music, dances, drinks, and great food.

11. Nyex Beach Club

Are you a party freak? Then add zing to your year-end vacay with a thrilling visit to the Nyex Beach Club. Some of the world’s DJ performers drive up the exuberance, and you can't miss shaking a leg to their jazzy talents. By the way, their cuisine will turn your culinary experiments into a superb feast of flavors.

12. LPK Waterfront Nightclub

Head to this super-energetic nightclub and enjoy the essence of the Love-Passion-Karma Club. Every year, this vibrant party destination attracts foreign and national party freaks. The chartbusters played here are diverse and could let your heart travel from retro to jazz to absolute romantic tunes. Enjoy unlimited snacks, poolside talks, and enliven your nightlife with a heady party vibe.

13. Soho-Capital Bar

These bars are luxurious and have aced the real essence of nightlife parties in Goa. The venue is classy, with great interiors, drinks, architecture, and music to get the right vibe.

14. Club Cubana

Are you in search of some of the wildest party destinations in Goa? We've got Club Cubana – it‘s colorful, has plenty of aesthetic lounges, and be ready to get bowled over by their impressive DJ nightclubs.

15. Leopard Valley

Go rustic, go raw, but be assured of having a blast at this midnight party venue in Goa. After the sun goes down, the freaky party addicts can indulge in the sheer Goa nightlife. With blasting music, sway to the beat, enjoy the menu on the cards, and dance like no one's watching.

16. Hill Top (for the trance party lover)

Ask any party freak in Goa, and they will describe this place as the psychedelic trance hub of Goa. Sink into the hippie vibe, and groove along with the flow of the super-relaxing music.

17. Silent Noise

Enjoy a wild night of partying in a peaceful atmosphere. The DJ nights are fantastic, and wonderful trance parties are being organized regularly.

18. Blue Waves

Match your inner happy vibes with the waves at the beaches of Monjim Beach. Party enthusiasts can enjoy all the facilities at this cozy shack all year round. Oh yes, they host some of the best midnight trance parties in Goa!

19. Mambo's Night Club

Love Bollywood music? Then Mambo is for you. It's a posh, lively, upbeat nightclub in Goa that every nightlife lover can experience. With excellent DJ parties in Goa, you can smash the dance floors till 3 am.

20. Café Lilliput

It is a pretty relaxed place that comes alive and must enter into the best party places in Goa. Enjoy the DJ parties, make acquaintances, and relax until dawn breaks in.

21. Pinakin Beach Café

For the rave party enthusiasts in Goa, head over to this cozy Pinakin Beach Café. Good food and great music can be heard just as you enter the big Vagator Beach.

22. Cohiba Bar and Kitchen

A wonderful setting of indoor and outdoor party spaces in Goa. Tourists can uplift their sullen states with great cocktails and make new friends. The club holds cool vibes where you can relax well into the late hours of the night.

23. Bora Bora

It is open all day long, so you will love this Russian-inspired beach shack that welcomes tourists from everywhere. Free wifi, great delicacies, and unique music vibes to entertain all party lovers are part of the party package.

24. Club Westend

Goa is classified as one of the outstanding party hotspots in Goa because of the vibe, electronic music, and poolside scenery that is a bundle of pure holiday fun for party-goers in Goa.

25. Liquid Sky Shack

Yes, this is a beach shack to chill and spend the evening with people of similar interests. A great place to relax, network, and chill with music that ranges from reggae to soothing vibes.

26. Kamaki DJ party

Get hip-hop and slip into the Goan music vibes. The DJ parties here are wild, exciting, and they have seriously taken nightlife in Goa to the next level.

27. Ash Arambol DJ Party

The place holds some great musical performances, which makes it one of the best places to visit in Goa. Go hip, go reggae, go jazz and you won't ever run short on enjoyment.

28. For the Record Vinyl Bar

Get gypsy, hippie, or even minimalistic, trust us – the bar has something for you. A healthy mix of every music genre served luxuriously with quality drinks and plenty of dinner options.

29. Club 9 Bar

What more could a Goa partygoer ask for than quality soundproof settings, great artists to blast in the background, and great food? An excellent venue for trance parties to immerse themselves in drinks, dance and great hip-hop music.

30. Pine Shack

Oh yes, the next-door friendly beach shack is what every party lover in Goa should visit! It’s a pretty calm place for those who love beach waves, tans, and good food.

31. Pub Crawl Goa

Music, booze, dance is the essence of the best party spots in Goa and that is what Pub Crawl is at one look. For the lovers of rave parties in Goa, grab your chance to meet new friends, test your palate on great bar dishes, and explore the Goa nightlife with an open mind.

32. Soro DJ Pub

Break free from boredom by unwinding in a pub that exudes excellent rustic party vibes. It is best for the person who looks forward to chilling in a quaint, secluded mode in a party mood.

33. Firefly Bistro

Just as the name suggests, get ready to fly and shine once you reach the grounds of this awe-inspiring bistro. The party destination is Benaulim. It has options for those who love to snuggle up in a cosy corner and enjoy drinks, or even sway to some great music.

34. Cape Town Café

Ignite the surreal side of your night adventure at this hot party spot in Goa. Gulp down a couple of their drinks, enjoy their dinners and snacks, and have fun. With the music of every kind, Goa’s nightlife will be a pleasure right here.

35. Chronicle Lounge (now called Glory Goa Bar)

Want to laze around, make friends and soak in some great music? Then the Chronicle is the place for you. They serve Italian recipes along with superb DJ nights in Goa and, of course, loud blast music.

36. Bertsy Bar

It’s a pretty quaint place and a perfect chill-out venue for nightlife lovers. Enjoy great food and music while on your trip to Goa.

37. Marbella Beach Resort

In Goa, this resort is one of the few to serve guests food and all-night parties with a Mediterranean vibe.

38. Ozran Beach

Traveling to North Goa? Stopover at Bardez to experience an Instagram-perfect beach and coastline picture. Though secluded, it is perfect for enjoying your nightlife and going berserk over a variety of water sports. Exciting boat rides, fishing, and water scooter rides are part of the adrenaline-pumping holiday activities. Reach the place easily from Calandgule, Panaji, and Mapusa via cab. Goa nightlife on this beach is a haven for party lovers as they have the Disco Valley, Mezcal, and Mango Tree that host various nightlife parties.

39. Arambol Beach

The Arambol beach comes to mind when you think hippie. For those who love solitude amongst the glittering waters and creamy sands, this untouched beach should be a must-visit. In fact, it is an extension of Harmal Beach and is located in North Goa.

40. Anjuna Beach

A breezy, dreamy, peaceful beach that has been praised for its historical significance since the 1960s.They have held some of the best trance parties in Goa until today. Located in Panjim, Goa, tourists can purchase beach accessories and hippie goodies. Unwind on palm-laden, silky sands and capture these moments without fail.

41. Morijim Beach

Who says parties need to have an electrifying zing? Schedule your next hangout party in Goa to experience the countryside shacks, great seafood, and immense serenity. Often, people call it Little Russia for its setback landscapes – the perfect setting for a calm holiday in Goa.

42. Querim Beach (Keri)

Towards the northern tip of Goa, this relatively raw beach can be found. It lies to the north of Arambol, and its white, free-flowing sands have attracted plenty of tourists. For those who redefine partying in Goa with nature, this can be added to your party travel bucket list.

43. Vagator Beach

Blissful sunset views are the fascinating takeaways from this beach. Positioned about 22 kilometers from Panaji city, this is an offbeat travel destination in Goa. For those who love the breeze, loud music, good food, and adventure sports, this is one of the best party places to hang out over the weekend.

44. Ashvem Beach

At the upper end of Morjim lies a lesser-known beach named Ashvem beach. Just 33 km from Panaji, the place is blessed with a tiny river and a lagoon towards the centre of the beach. Enjoy some luscious sun-tan sessions, great breach drinks, meet new beach mates, and even watch migratory birds flock around to catch the lagoon fish.

45. Benaulim Beach

If quality peace is on your mind, you have this fantastic beach to explore. The place is home to a few peppy-themed restaurants and great musical evenings, with beach shacks bringing crowds for some serious dance and food.


We have listed a few prominent, safe places that have been acknowledged as the best places to party in Goa. With the year coming to a close, unwind and explore these interesting party hotspots in India. If you find more interesting places in Goa, let us know.

Have a safe party and nightlife in Goa soon.


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