How to plan the best Kerala tour packages with your budget?

How to plan the best Kerala tour packages with your budget?

Planning the best Kerala tour packages within your budget involves extensive research and scheduling the Kerala tour well in advance. At Funday Holidays our team will assist you with helping you plan the best Kerala tour packages covering the most sought-after tourist places in Kerala.

Kerala is the haven of nature, pleasure, and an aura that refreshes the mind and soul. In case, your calendar has a few holidays coming up, let's help you schedule your vacation to Kerala this time. Got a corporate trip or honeymoon trip or probably a single hangout adventure Kerala trip, we have got it all covered for you. If budget travel is on your cards, we have great techniques and travel lessons that you can scribble down for the next trip.

Being travel experts in Kerala and various parts of India, we offer great budget-friendly travel packages all year round. Depending on how many days, locations, and travel partners are involved, we can schedule the best trip within Kerala in a cost-effective manner. You can always talk to the Funday Holidays travel consultants to know where to go, where to stay in Kerala, and what food to enjoy for your next Kerala vacation.

Go for the Off Season

To enjoy Kerala. Of course, the peak season is between December to April. But that could pinch your pockets in case you are on a budget, Instead, go for the off-season trip to Kerala. These off-season Kerala tour packages are equally entertaining and will have fewer mobs in public places and of course, the rates for everything will be reduced. The places and their beauty remain the same. Do, choose the months from February to June and enjoy Kerala in the off-season.

List down the places you want to visit

Now, this can be tricky. Especially if you are new to Kerala, every place will be must visit. Still, there is nothing to ponder much about. Some of the must-visit places are Munnar, Kozhikode, Alappuzha beaches, and the Kochi shopping streets. Of course, there are many other wildlife conservation areas, and parks in Kerala that are also budget-friendly. Depending on your interests, you can choose to visit the maximum number of places in a day or two and save money.

Transport Mode

The next aspect is that takes the money that is spent on your transport. Kerala is a land of a wide plethora of high and low landscapes. So, there is so much to watch just by traveling. For this, you can take a hired cab, rent out a car, or even use public transport or the KSRTC bus services in Kerala. If you need help to assess the transport cost, our travel consultants can help you chart the route and fuel costs for the same. However, as a general piece of advice, we always stress the fact that if you are new to the pale, always choose a dedicated hired cab to help you out. Or else, you may not have the convenience to travel or stop by at places when you want. Still, that kind of luxury does come with a cost.

Hotel Stay Mode

Once the travel plans are settled, then we could move into the place of accommodation. In Kerala, there are hotel stay points for all budgets, but of course, you need to know where to look for them.  Depending on your budget, we can arrange 3-star to 5-star hotels for your entire stay at various locations. Whether you are a single woman, family, or single man traveling,  the right homestay or hotel will be arranged from our side. Or else, you can just Google and find out the various options that are available at that time of the trip.

Always connect with reputed Travel agencies

The next point of thought that you need to consider for budget-friendly Kerala tour packages. Here, you need to select with whom you need to associate for a Kerala trip. For instance, when you want to visit the iconic Aranmula mirror handicraftsmen in Kerala, only the most reputed and noted travel agencies should be escorting you to the place. If you go around local guides, they may cheat you or even take more money than the actual costs. In the case of the best travel agencies in Kerala – we take responsibility to ensure that you are picked up from the start of the journey and securely take you back to the same place or any concerned location that you specify. Your safety and enjoyment are of prime importance to us.

Carry water

Now, this is not a very important point as such, but packaged water can add an unwanted expense to your cards. When you visit public parks and railway stations, there are options for clean, drinkable water. Collect them into your bottles, and have them as you travel for long distances. You can save up on that part and instead, sip a chai or lassi once in a while as you move on.

Plan an Itinerary with travel experts

The last one is actually one very important criterion that most people leave out. We left it to the last, as you need to do this, after having a common understanding of what you want to do in Kerala. For instance, it is true that you want to enjoy some of the best Kerala tour packages in a liberal and affordable manner. But unless you list down where you want to visit, how will you know the costs that follow? Suppose you want to visit the Athirapilly waterfalls and then see the Kozhikode beach, we would say both are excellent options. They are affordable and there are many nearby places to visit. However, you need to travel at least 5 hours to reach each destination. So, here you need to choose where you will stay, how you will travel, and when you set out and retire back to bed for the day. Such questions are part of a plan. It is for this planning phase, we pitch in and help you ease that confusion.

Ready for a Budget-Friendly Kerala Tour with Funday Holidays?

A budget trip to Kerala ideally means that you can take part in some of the most entertaining and memorable Kerala tour packages easily. Just use the tips that we have mentioned, book a trip with our experts and we will prepare a custom-made trip for our guests in Kerala. One trip in God's own country is all about mingling with nature without cracking your monthly budget. Enjoy each moment with your loved ones and friends and see how a Kerala trip is truly rejuvenating.


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