Kerala Tourism In Luxury Caravans

Plan Kerala Luxury Tour Packages in Luxury Caravans | Unwind, Binge & Rest-on-the -Go

Ever Imagined Road Rides in Luxury Caravans in Kerala? It's Awesome! Don't take it from us, see it for yourselves, guys!

The year-end holidays of Christmas and New Year are meant to be celebrated with luxurious travel. This time, head for the energetic roads of Kerala and explore the vibe of tourism and festive culture in luxurious caravans.

This is a great initiative from the Kerala government and is meant to pamper tourists to the fullest in authentic Kerala style. For those who have already experienced the Kerala backwater houseboats, you will get a better idea of how this model works. It is the latest entry in the Kerala tourism packages.

Fantastic Takeaways from Luxury Caravan Tour Trips in Kerala

Kerala is the land of infinite tourism possibilities and venues. Once houseboat tourism in Kerala was a grand success, the next big tourism venture in the limelight is the luxurious caravan.

What are the facilities provided in these luxurious caravans?

• Travellers can book a fully-furnished caravan for their Kerala road trip plans this year.
• For the entire Kerala trip package, it will be perfectly equipped with a kitchen, a fully stocked fridge, and sofa-bed furniture to enjoy and rest on.
• The Internet facility, infotainment system, electricity, charging mechanisms, and premium quality GPS systems are well-maintained.
• The washroom and toilet cubicles are compact, and one can enjoy showers in peace.

Eco-friendly Caravan Tourism

Caravan tourism has been promoted in order to maximize the use of Kerala products and authentic Kerala cuisine, as well as to maximize the use of the eco-tourism concept.

Safety par Excellence

Security is never compromised, as there is continual real-time surveillance to ensure that guests are safe during the whole trip.

Who can book and travel in a Kerala Luxury Caravan for their Kerala trip plan?

• Families, couples, and solo travelers can book the caravans from the Kerala Tourism department. A single caravan can accommodate about four people.
• Alternatively, you can also take help from the local Kochi and Kerala tour operators to book a luxury caravan for your road trips.

Parking the Caravan

By nighttime, there are pre-decided destinations where the caravans can be parked and tourists can spend the night in the caravan safely.

What travel destinations in Kerala can I visit in a caravan?

• The idea of the luxury caravan is to explore the whole of Kerala via road in the luxury and privacy of a caravan.
• You can visit the tea and spice plantations in Munnar and Wayanad.
• Take your time to visit wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, museums, beaches, parks, and the plethora of natural reserves that are maintained in various locations in Kerala.
• Over time, the Kerala government plans to move interstate without compromising on the quality and safety of tourists.

Come, indulge, and experience Kerala road trips in a new, luxurious style.



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