Why Is Kerala Considered The Safest Tourist Destination?

Why it is safe to travel to Kerala now? – Kerala is the safest tourist destination in India

Kerala is known for its exquisite landscape. Rivers, mountains, meadows, and seashores adorn the land. If you love sightseeing and enjoy a relaxing tour, you can head to the south Indian state. The history and culture of the land are sure to enthrall you. This may be the reason why Kerala receives so many tourists from around the globe.

However, these are not just the sole reasons for the fame of God’s own country. The destination, unlike many from around the globe, is a safe haven for travelers. Alluding to the traditional Indian motto ‘guests are to be considered like gods’, the land treats tourists with the utmost respect. Hardly any cases are reported against travelers. Hence Kerala is considered one of the safest tourist destinations in India.

Why Is Kerala Considered The Safest Tourist Destination?

Many factors contribute to Kerala being considered the safest state in India. High literacy rates, efficient policing, low corruption rates, and so on are but a few of them.

Best medical facilities

Kerala has one of the best medical facilities in India, if not Asia. Modern treatment facilities and qualified doctors make it one of the most visited medical tourism destinations in the country. The competency of medical professionals in Kerala has international acclaim. Many nurses and doctors from the place work in the health sector around the globe.

High literacy rate

Kerala is the most literate state in India, with a rate of 96.2%. It is well above the national average of approximately 74%. The fast progress of the state is attributed to this factor. This unique feature also makes Kerala a cultured and civilized society. Hence the land is safer and more comfortable for tourists than the other states in the country.

Vouched by Nat Geo and Lonely Planet as God’s Own Country

Many international travel magazines have certified the tourism possibilities of the land. Nat Geo listed Kerala as one of the ‘Top ten paradises in the world and among the ‘Top 50 best places in the world worth visiting. Lonely Planet listed Kerala as the world’s best family vacation destination in 2016.

Low crime rate

Kerala has a lower crime rate compared to other states. Because of the rigorous reporting and strong influence of social media, every crime is brought to the limelight in the state. However, the number of crimes is still less than in many other places in India. This points towards the innate goodness in the people of Kerala as well as the efficient policing and crime mitigation systems in the land.

Better standard of living

Kerala is a place where the standard of living is above average. The poverty level of the state is quite low. Middle-class families form a major share of the population in the state. Hence it has better economic stability. This translates to better infrastructure, medical facilities, recreational facilities, and so on.

Highest gender ratio

Kerala is the only state in India where the number of women exceeds that of men. The ratio of Kerala is 1.084 whereas that of India is 0.940. That is, for every 1000 men, there are 1084 women in the state. Effective curbing of sex-selective abortion, respect for women in society, and so on are the factors behind the statistic.

Corona prevention strategies

Kerala became the center of attraction with its effective strategies for curbing the first COVID-19 wave. It demonstrated the efficiency of its healthcare system and the compliance of the educated population. Though the state was brought to its knees in the subsequent months by the pandemic, the dedication of the healthcare professionals and the world-class medical facilities made the fight back possible.

The best police force in India

The study conducted by Common Cause and the Delhi-based Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) identified the police forces in Kerala and Delhi as best in India. Efficient crime-solving and mitigation as well as scientific approaches and polite behavior have made this possible.  Frequent police patrol has made the streets safe for tourists.

A place that received many religions

Kerala has a high population of Christians and Muslims apart from the indigenous society of Hindus. Throughout the millennia, the land has had a history of receiving many foreign religions like Judaism, Islamism, and so on. To this day, we can find places of worship in the land preserved with respect. The Jewish Synagogue and Jain Temple in Fort Kochi, Buddhist shrines, millennia-old churches, and mosques in the region proclaim the religious harmony of Kerala.

Highest Life Expectancy in India

The state of Kerala has the highest life expectancy in India. It testifies to the quality of medical facilities in the state. The life expectancy of the land is 75 compared to the country average of 65 years. For males, it has recently been calculated as 74.49, whereas for females is 80.15.

Low population growth

As if the medical facilities, high life expectancy, and low infant mortality rate are not enough to crown the state as the best one in the country, Kerala also has the lowest population growth. It is the testimony of the social awareness of the people in the land. Keralites are well aware of the implications of the high population and the problem caused due to it.

Low corruption rate

Corruption is the greatest bane of India. It is the corrosive force that affects the progress of the land. The Transparency International Survey has listed Kerala as the least corrupt Indian state. Here the officials are helpful and polite, which makes them approachable. If you are in any trouble, they will be happy to help you. Tourists hence prefer to travel to Kerala over other destinations in India.

Because of these factors, Kerala can be considered one of the best states in India as well as a safe tourism destination. This is especially true if you are a woman traveler. If you are a solo women traveler, you may have to think twice before deciding on a holiday destination. Safety becomes the first priority. When you are in such a situation, and you want to visit a land that has abundant natural beauty and rich history, Kerala is the best choice. You have plenty of options in the land to involve in sightseeing, partying, and adventure. At the same time, you do not have to worry about being robbed or attacked.


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