Valparai, the lesser-known hill station in the Tamil Nadu

Valparai Hill Stations: Offbeat Weekend Getaway | Tamil Nadu Travel Ideas

Ready to perk up your travel fantasies? Offbeat weekend getaways like the Valparai Hill Stations have a special place in every traveler's heart. With the weekends urging our inner wanderlust to explore the world, this time, we suggest the pristine and elegantly pure tourist destination the Valparai hill station.

Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu

If you have loved your previous honeymoon packages to Munnar, Ooty and Kodaikanal hill stations in the south of India, this place too will be a soul-pleaser!

Hey, going solo? There is nothing better than chilling your early mornings with some village-style café or tea, and strolling in the mist-laden landscapes of Valparai while listening to your favorite romantic music notes.

Want to know where is Valparai?

This picture-perfect travel destination lies in South India. To be precise, this hill station is in Coimbatore, which is a district in Tamil Nadu.

It is tucked away in the Western Ghats in the Anaimalai Hills range. Previously, the locals had named this tourist spot Poonachimalai, but later on, it was officially called Valparai.

Tourists can reach the hill station easily from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and any district in Tamil Nadu.

Valparai: How to Reach?

If you are coming by train, and you get down at the Coimbatore station, then you need to travel by cab for another 102 kilometres to reach Valparai. The nearest train destination is the Pollachi Railway Station. From there, enjoy a road trip in a pre-booked cab for about 64 kilometers.

For flight travelers, you need to book a flight to Coimbatore airport and, from there, book a cab to the hill station.

Finally, our guests have loved the road trips to Valparai. You can use the government buses or book luxury buses for this trip. We have travellers from many places in Kerala (Trivandrum, Chalakudy, Cochin, Thrissur) and Tamil Nadu.

Traveling from Chennai to Valparai?

If you adore road trips, then head up, as the entire route is indescribably beautiful!

If you are driving from Chennai to Valparai, you have to come via Pollachi town. This would cover about 1200 kilometers. Enjoy the breeze, stop over for frequent filtered coffees, and capture the passing landscapes on this route.

On travelling from Pollachi to Valparai, you will be mystically sandwiched between the sights and sounds of forests and green-streaked mountains in the Western Ghats.

Breathtaking places to visit in Valparai hill station:

The un-missable sights in ‘Vaalpaarai' are those magical hairpin road bends. If bikers are careful, you will definitely enjoy the windy sway on these roads.

Love to make a splash? Plenty of options en route and in Valparai:

We are not joking! You can enjoy a collection of waterfalls for a quick dip, like:

Chinakallar Falls

Laden with dense flora and fauna, this waterfall is about 14 kilometres from Valparai’s main bus station. Fill your minds with an energetic roar, and get wrapped in the misty skies. You will have to trek a bit to get a feel for semi-raw jungle life. If lucky, you may find elephants strolling for a dip too.

Athirapally Falls

Athirapally Falls is based in Kerala and originated in Chalakudy. It is known to be one of the largest waterfalls in Kerala. If you join any part of our Kerala tour packages, this is a must-visit place.

Birala Waterfalls

Just about 3 kilometres from the bus station of Valparai, you will witness the beauty of the Birala waterfalls. The cascading showers are a sight to cool our stress and anxieties. Make sure to capture pictures, and let the world know about this underrated natural tourist destination.

Monkey Falls

This natural, refreshing waterfall Monkey falls can be seen just about 27 kilometres from Pollachi town. The area is a habitat for monkeys, and so it is best to safeguard belongings while taking a dip. There are frequent guided tours all year round, making it a preferred spot for adventure lovers.

Other tourist places in Valaparai to visit

Nallamudi Viewpoint

Take a ride via the Nallamudi tea estate and see this magical hilltop after a small trek. Breathe in the fresh air and allow the cold mist that envelops this place to wash over you. It is best to visit the place from November to February. Enjoy the silence along with the gentle flutter of birds.

Nihar Dam

It is a relatively tiny dam but offers an exquisite view of the Upper Nirar River. A short 9-kilometer drive from the Valparai bus stand will help you reach the basin in no time. Watch the nearby fields that get irrigation from this dam and even take pictures of this place.

Hornbill Viewpoint

Just once you cross the Monkey waterfalls, this dam can be seen. It is just about 28 kilometres from Valparai town. You can see the clouds looming around you and even encounter wildlife like birds and monkeys as you reach the place.

Manampalli Forests

The Manampalli Forests are a must-see for those who enjoy extreme adventure. It is just about 25 kilometres away from Valparai town and is a great place to go for trekking. There are local rest houses in between, and you can even see how the Sholaya Powerhouse works here.

Best place to unwind for the weekends

So, head on with us on this pleasurable holiday trip, and see the best. We will showcase all the must-visit places in Valparai tailor-made to your perfection. Stopover at places, purchase souvenirs and enjoy the lesser-known delicacies of the region. Sip the fresh tea and coffee from the plantations and watch time go by at a blissful pace.

Simply put, your mind seriously needs a solace point, and trust us – Valparai is a perfect short-trip spot to enjoy, chill, and, of course, not crunch your budget in any manner.


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