Why should you plan your trip to Munnar?

9 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Next Trip To Munnar

Why you should plan your trip to Munnar? Munnar is just one word of the world of exotic richness that nature can offer in one land- Kerala, Munnar tourist places are perfect for those who love to unwind for a few days – like weekend getaways. Laden with tea estates, the warm culture of the locals, and the mystical skies, one could not ask for more magic in one place. Stray a bit into nature and the hill stations built up in Munnar places to visit in the best way possible. It will help any tourist tread back into the steps that were built essentially to soothe the stressed minds of the British invaders.

Today, still this culture of majesty is maintained and has been known to be one of the most peaceful Kerala tour packages that one could indulge in. If you are seriously bored with all work, all studying at home or at the office, pack your bags and come along with us, to see the best travel spots in Munnar this time.

Why should Munnar be your next travel destination for a quick weekend getaway?

To wake up to the misty clouds, and the tweets of the wild birds, sipping freshly brewed chai is a haven for every tourist. This is what we bring to you in these 9 best places to visit in Munnar this time. So, let’s see which one piques your interest this time.

Splurge into the waterfalls

You can witness some of the best waterfalls in Munnar like the Attukad Falls, Cheeyapara Falls, and the Valara Falls. These are not humongous falls but still are very pretty ones. They are particularly beautiful when the rains are pouring in admirably proportions. If you arrange a vacation to Munnar tour package with us, our tour guide will make sure to have a dip in these places. The waters are icy cool, refreshing, and have great soothing properties, as they come from the rocks in the higher mountains.

Tree Houses Resorts

If you have always loved the Jungle Book life, then get cool, and be ready to unwind in these Munnar Tree Resorts. The stay arranged here is totally protected and environment friendly at the same time. Enjoy time in the rooms that are made with natural materials like bamboo, hay, straw, and coir ambiances. These eco-friendly tree stay options are great for families and couples who love to venture into the tea estates and retreat for cool nights and wholesome delicacies in the evening. If you are a fan of offbeat vacations in India, this should be your pick for sure.

Tea Plantations and Tea Museum

We are presenting about Munnar, the coolest place in Kerala, and this is a land of tea estates and that means a collection of various plantations. Some of the famous ones are Kolukkumalai Tea Estate and the Kanan Devan Hills Plantations. Along with long walks in between the plantations, you can visit the nearby tea museums and even enjoy some relaxing tea tasting sessions at the nearby tea factories. Tea Museum holds a historical significance as it trails back to the way Indians and British had shaped the value of this healthy beverage. At the Tea Museum, you will have an entry fee of about Rs 75/- and the venue is closed every Monday. So, plan your travel itinerary accordingly. As for the tea tasting, each tasting process will be charged at about Rs 20/- which is rejuvenating after the long walks in the tea estates.

Spices Market

This little quaint town is famous for not only the best tea leaves that Indians enjoy today but also some of the best spices that make all Indian cuisine extra special. If you like to enjoy the real essence of Indian spice aromas, then visit the spice market in Munnar. Here you can enjoy the freshest of cardamom, cloves, peppercorns, and even vanilla fields that make the place extra special. That is not all, as you can even take some time off to visit the plantations that grow the spices and talk to the local growers about these species. That’s not all! You can even indulge in some street shopping where you can even find some classic, coffee bean powders that are local and brewed to perfection. Munnar is a place where you won't get time to be bored, as the locals pamper with all-natural goodies on the way. The spice markets and the rest of the local ones are on the same streets. These are open and functioning from 9 am every morning, so make sure to start early and fetch your best shopping deals.

Excellent Roadways

One of the biggest highlights of Munnar is the roadways and some of Munnar’s most refreshing hill stations are worth visiting at any time of the year. You can board any vehicle like your cars, buses, or traveler buses that we arrange for you, and enjoy the scenic view as you travel. Both the sides of the roads are laden with small agricultural farmers, and small tea houses that serve excellent delicacies. Make sure to spend time at the Ayurvedic Spas that allow you to soak in herbal oils that soothe the body from body ailments, and stress in the most natural and traditional manner. For this, you need to talk to our tour guide so that prior bookings can be made. You will get personalized consultation and care at such venues. There are a couple so spa treatments in Munnar that are loved by people around the world.


With a noticeable Christian community in the background, you can take a trip to the historic churches in the area. Witness the historic architecture, witness the Fortress like churches built on hills. Today, they are landmarks of majestic elegance in Munnar town. It is best to visit the CSI church that was built in 1910, as it still stands tall and mighty to showcase the architectural excellence of the Scottish manager and his team of workers. The furniture at the venue is made with the best of rosewood and the chandeliers are royal and fit for the kingly crowd of those times. Unwind your spiritual side of life, in these pristine structures and soak in the invisible peace that it offers at any time of the day and year.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Munnar is one of the best places where you can shed those calories, walk and feel the rustic side of nature to the core. Make a visit to the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary at any time during the year, except for the monsoon season. Most of the year it is calm, breezy, and perfect for long lazy walks. The gates are open right from 8 am to about 5 pm. Since this is one of the most acclaimed preserved natural reserves in South India, you can witness the flora and fauna in abundance. If lucky, watch wildlife stroll past you at the oddest moments.

Dreamland Adventure Park

For the adventure lovers, we have a gorgeous spot and that is the Dreamland Adventure spot. You can enjoy outdoor activities to the maximum. Some of the common sports undertaken here are ziplining, horse rides, biking, camel rides, and even cable rides. This is suitable for families and couples also, as there are plenty of adventure options here. The visiting time begins at 9 am and will end by 7 pm every day. The fees per person will be about Rs.1500- to about Rs. 2500. Have unlimited fun for the whole day, and then you can retreat to the nearby lodges and tree house resorts in Munnar.

Pothamedu Viewpoint Sunset

This place is magically peaceful. Tourists can reach the place early in the morning, and the entry time is between 9 am to 7: 30 pm. With free entry points, both couples, single travelers, and families can venture into this lovely place. You can see how the sunsets flow in and set the golden hues into the misty landscapes for Munnar. Try taking pictures for your Insta clicks, and see how you wow people with the sunset photos at the peak of this point. Sunset could never be prettier than this one, as it is natural, and unflinching by the touch of urban living.

These are just a few to mention and the list can go on. For the ones who love the offbeat trail of adventure and nature, let Munnar be your next wish-list destination for trips and tours in Kerala. Today, Munnar has been known as the most sought-after hill station in India, as the state maintains the natural landscapes in the best possible way. If you need any other kind of assistance or guide on the tour in these beautiful hill stations in Munnar, you can get in touch as we arrange such wonderful Munnar tour packages for you and your family. The place is natural and if you like to take back souvenirs for your loved ones, you can buy freshly prepared tea, spices, chocolates, and coffee from the plantations in the area easily.


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