A heaven on earth, Kerala, with an abundance of green, water bodies, forest regions, and the backdrop of mountains, is a perfect getaway to unwind and relax. It is said that a visit to Kerala is incomplete without a backwater cruise. Enjoying a houseboat cruise is going to be an experience for a lifetime.

Backwater cruising helps sightseers cruise along the water lakes enjoying the caressing of the gentle breeze and exploring the local life. Understanding the beauty of backwaters, and the diverse sightseeing opportunities, Funday Holidays, have designed several cruise and houseboat tour packages for our esteemed clients.

The backwaters comprising Lakes, Lagoons, and Canals embellish the unique landscape of this paradise. Another beauty of this place is the estuaries where the river and sea meet. The rich flora and fauna of Kerala water bodies are unique and are visually appealing. The water bodies of Kerala are enchanting, and it is not a wonder that Kerala houseboat packages are high on demand.

The backwaters of Kerala are not only famous for house-boats but are known for boating, boat race, etc. Our houseboat cruise includes sightseeing at all the prominent backwater destinations including  Thiruvallam ( Thiruvananthapuram), backwaters of Kollam,( comprised of Ashtamudi Kayal and Sasthamcotta Kayal and their canals),  Alappuzha, (famous for its Zigzagging waterways), Kumarakom (island groups and Vembanad Kayal), Kochi (lakes, lagoons, and sea), the unexplored waterways of Kozhikode the (Kallayi river and Canolly Canal) and the Valiyaparamba backwaters of Kasargod.

Funday Holidays are acclaimed for a cruise vacation and luxurious cruising experiences. Houseboat cruising is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of Kerala. In your Kerala tour, you should not afford to miss a cruise package because the houseboats cruising provides the unparalleled beauty of Kerala.

The houseboats, earlier known as, "Kettuvallam" have air-conditioned bedrooms, kitchen, hall, bathroom, etc.

As per interest, sightseers can opt for a full-day package or a night package. After embarking on the boat, enjoy cruising through the lake, marveling at the scenic scenery around. At Alappuzha, the houseboat will stop at sightseeing points where interested sightseers can go walking, visit Chavara house and more. Similarly, in other places, the houseboats will stop at different sightseeing spots for photo sessions as well. Delicious and authentic Kerala food is another attraction of Kerala houseboats.

Houseboat Tourism

Holidays are a time to unwind and relax. Getting enough rest and rejuvenation is imperative for anyone after long months of monotonous work. It provides you with the energy to go back to your daily routine and tackle the problems with renewed vigor. If planned and executed well, holidays can be magical and cherishable. But the definition of a perfect vacation varies from person to person. Many love to explore new places, some relax by reading a book, others just love to sleep it off and do nothing. If you fall into the category of those who love to travel during their holidays, you should definitely check out houseboat tourism.

Houseboats are modified boats that have the facilities of a fully furnished house. It will not be too much off the mark to observe that they are floating luxury hotels. They usually contain two or three-story structures built into motorized boats. Furnished with wooden finishes, they have sit-outs, kitchen, bathrooms, and sometimes Air-conditioned bedrooms. Hence, in a sense, they are like miniature cruise ships that sail through the backwaters. Houseboats in Kerala has earned international acclaim. Alleppey, a place in Kerala blessed with beautiful backwaters, is the perfect spot for houseboat tourism.
Kerala houseboat tour is a day-long trip and is very relaxing. Moving slowly through the lake with refreshing winds caressing your hair, is a unique experience. The placid lakes and emerald green shores with swaying coconut trees will surely capture your heart. Many find the ride so romantic so that they include a houseboat cruise in their honeymoon package. The unparalleled charm of the ride is sure to make anyone relaxed. It is hence the perfect getaway from the stressful life.

You have the option to involve in fishing activities during the rental houseboat ride. The staff in the kitchen will prepare a tasty dish with your catch. The satisfaction of enjoying a lunch with a dish made from your angling is unexplainable. You can enjoy the feel of gentle waves lapping on the boat if you travel on the lower deck. The upper decks give a panoramic view of the lush green shores and the serene lake. The peaceful cruise, sumptuous lunch, and colorful sights make the houseboat ride a revitalizing experience.

Alleppey Houseboats

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

If there is one thing that is indispensable on a tour to Kerala, it is a houseboat ride through the famous backwaters of the land. The labyrinth of canals and lakes attract tourists from all over the world. The virgin beauty of the water bodies is to thank for this international attention. Alappuzha, formerly known as Alleppey is one of the best locations to enjoy this immaculate natural resource. The crown jewel of Kerala tourism is otherwise dubbed as ‘The Venice of the East‘ owing to its network of canals similar to that of the Italian City.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise Room

The most engaging activity in Alappuzha is incontrovertibly the houseboat ride through the serene lakes and canals. A day trip in Alleppey houseboat is sure to rejuvenate and excite anyone tired of the hectic daily routine. Spending some quality time in the gently swaying boats with the soft breeze ruffling the hair is both calming and revitalizing. The captivating sight of the blue waterway, with lush green shores, is fanciful. It arouses curiosity to see the coconut trees leaning into the lake and peeping at you. Throughout the cruise, the beautiful landscape seamlessly assumes different forms of evoking awe.

Kerala Houseboat Deck

The houseboats of Alleppey are improved forms of traditional ‘Kettuvallam‘ and hence is a unique sight. The common man’s cruise ship contains all the facilities that you can ask for a day trip through the backwaters. Built-in the traditional form the houseboats contain small bath attached bedrooms, Kitchens with experienced cooks, sit-outs to enjoy the beautiful view, and so on. There are Deluxe houseboats in Alleppey with three-star facilities including Air-conditioned rooms, Minibar, and beautifully furnished upper deck. If you can afford it, you can get these premium facilities in a houseboat at a price. Be sure to ask for them while you are booking an Alleppey houseboat.

You can enjoy angling if you are into fishing. If you catch something and wish to make a dish from it, the cooks are at your disposal. They will prepare a tasty dish within no time. ‘Karimeen Pollichathu‘ a local delicacy made by frying pearl spot fish is of high demand among tourists. It is one of the dishes in the sumptuous lunch provided on the cruise. Many tourist groups in Alleppey compete to provide you with the best houseboat experience. Hence you can get good deals during the tourist season if you book them in advance.

Make sure you set aside a full day on your Kerala tour program to visit Alappuzha and experience the revitalizing houseboat ride. You will not regret it.