Nature unfolds its mysterious beauty in the most glorious way, and witnessing the same is a real surprise. A drive through woods soothes your soul and cleanses your mind because nature has a magical beauty that helps you to look into things with ease.

As you enter into the woods, a magical, peaceful and irresistible aura surrounds you. You will be excited to answer the call of the wild because you get to spot wild elephants, the majestical appearance of tigers and leopards, the bison, and the vibrant colored birds in their natural habitat. A wildlife holiday can be planned if you have three days or more to spare. Funday Holidays has a wide range of nature and wildlife tour packages on offer.

We have designed nature travel for globetrotters who seek a getaway from the busy routine life. Our Nature and Wildlife packages are in demand because the solitude and solace of nature are therapeutic, helping travelers forget the hustles of daily life. For many holidayers, sightseeing the animals and birds in their natural setting is a dream and our packages are beneficial for those who are looking for a fulfilling Wildlife exploration. Our wildlife safaris are high-on demand. We offer sightseeing to Wildlife sanctuaries in India that are known for its diverse landscape, an abundance of greenery and wildlife spotting.

Wildlife enthusiasts can go through our wildlife tour in India to plan their dream holiday. The best time to plan a wildlife holiday is between October and May (Post-monsoon, winter, and summer). Post-monsoon falls between October and December, it is when the grass grows thicker, and the world around is green. During winter (December and February), the forest looks like a painting with the mist-covered valleys and mist-kissing plants. During summer trees shed their leaves, and wild animals come to close vicinity.

All our packages attract nature lovers because we arrange wildlife safaris and trekking and camping to the most beautiful places on earth including Wayanad, Neyyar, Thekkady, Chinnar, Bandipur, Thattekad, Silent Valley, Thenmala, Parambikulam, Valparai, 900 Kandi, Meghamalai, and more.

Our Nature and Wildlife tour packages take your adventurous journey into the woods to the next level!