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When compared to South Delhi, places to visit in North Delhi are less. The most important attractions of North Delhi include theme parks like Splash Water, Japanese Park, Adventure Island, Gurudwara, and  Manju Ka Tilla. The theme parks are famous for exciting rides, adventure-filled drop towers, breathtaking roller coasters,  amazing shows, and other attractions. Since the parks are known for adventure and fun it is mostly loved by kids, teenagers, and adults.

Detailed reading on Gurudwara and Manju ka Tilla will be interesting for you. Please take a look,


The 17th century built Gurudwara was the residence of the then ruler Raja Jai Sigh. The bungalow was later converted as Gurudwara as a memorial of Guru Har Krishnan. Guru was contracted with smallpox and cholera when he was helping the people who were suffering the pandemic. The beauty and positive vibes of the place is something every traveler should experience. A visit to Gurudwara promises solace and peace.

Manju Ka Tilla

Majnu ka Tilla is an amazing sightseeing spot in Delhi. This place was established to protect and save the Tibetan refugees. However, since the 1960s, the place is loved by locals and tourists. A stroll through the streets is an exciting experience especially if you love momos and also love to explore street foods like dried meat, herbal tea, churros(dried cheese), etc. A Buddhist monastery, temple, and art & crafts shops are the main attractions of the place. The positive and calm vibe of the street is a rare experience; don't miss it!