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Raj Ghat
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Raj Ghat, the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi,  the Father of Nation is one of the prominent Delhi attractions. This place holds a prominent place in the bucket list of every traveler who is interested in Delhi sightseeing. The memorial on the banks of river Yamuna is a calm and meditation place where the final rituals of Gandhi were performed. Vanu G Bhuta designed the memorial as simple as Gandhi's life. In the marble platform, ‘Hey Ram', the last word uttered by Gandhi is inscribed. The eternal flame and the flowers are the only decoration of the cremation.  Sightseers, especially historians, should visit this place because the feeling you are going to experience is unexplainable!. At the Gandhi memorial museums, a movie on the life of Gandhi is screened. If you love to watch the same, you should avoid visiting the place on Thursdays. The complex is known for a large variety of trees planted by dignitaries from different parts of the world.

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