Best honeymoon experiences in Kerala

Best Honeymoon Experiences In Kerala

Special times in our lives need to be enjoyed with the ones we love the most. When honeymoons are in the picture, Kerala honeymoon trips are one of the best experiences that a couple can hold onto once they build a life together. We make life exceptional with little tours that encompass luxury, safety, and beautiful sights and scenes, For this, Kerala is one of the magical locations where you can enjoy the best honeymoon experiences. These trips organized and coordinated by Funday Holidays are tailored to suit the interests of the couples who come to visit in Kerala.

For instance, if you love adventure during your honeymoon trips, then go for it. We can have the honeymoon tour packages in Kerala planned accordingly. In case, you need to see the hills, laze around, and have some personal time together, then those options are there too. For the ones, who love nature treks, Kerala is one dreamy place where flora and fauna are preserved and each of the trips is highly pocket-friendly.

What are the top honeymoon destinations that couples love to visit in Kerala?

If you are with the travel and tour experts at Funday Holidays, we can help you gain the best honeymoon experiences in Kerala. Visit the following places:


You just have to visit one of the dreamiest locations in Kerala and that is those mystical hilltops in Munnar. What better way to spice up your love life? Munnar is one of the most noted places when it comes to honeymoon travel destinations in Kerala. For those who love Shimla and Himachal Pradesh, this is a fresh viewpoint right in the South of India. So enjoy it to the fullest.

What can couples do for their honeymoon in Munnar, Kerala?

This is situated in the Western Ghats, which makes a venue surrounded by tea estates, quiet culture, witness the beauty of Kundala Lake and also the Attukal Waterfalls. Then if the time is great, you can even go for a soothing shikara boat ride.


The next location which is an absolute bliss for our romantic senses is Wayanad. Yes, to most this may look a little underdeveloped, but that is where all the magic happens. The nature, the ambiance, the love, and the hospitality that the locals have is one experience you ought to enjoy, For honeymoon packages, we have special candlelit dinners and special cuisines prepared to set your love vibes warming the entire trip.

What can couples do for their honeymoon in Wayanad, Kerala?

There is no dearth of vacation ideas in Wayanad. Find yourself embracing a couple of famous wildlife sanctuaries. lakes. waterfalls, and wonderful sceneries to explore. Some of the well-known locations are the Chambra Peak, the tea gardens, and even the quiet Pookode Lake.


If you have been in search of the best honeymoon experiences in Kerala then Alleppey is a perfect choice. One of the most romantic central Kerala locations would be Alleppey and this is the land of plenty of mystical backwaters. You can easily book a houseboat, enjoy the placid waters, and have a peaceful, yet private tour in this luxurious houseboat. They will serve, and you can enjoy dancing and taking scenic pictures as you move.

What can couples do for their honeymoon in Alleppey, Kerala?

Houseboat cruises are a must-have experience where you can indulge in some boating, and fishing and even witness your guides cook the best fish delights on the boat. Make sure to watch the sunset also before you leave, This is just a one-day trip and then you can move to some other place the same day.


For those who have visited Kerala, you cannot leave without setting foot at Kumarkkom. We aren't joking, but this place is loaded with scenic beauty, luxurious homestays, water adventure activities, and much more. Overall, if you love water, these serene locations are perfect to spend time with your loved one.

What can couples do for their honeymoon in Kumarakom, Kerala?

As we mentioned, houseboat blackwater rides can be experienced. Then head off to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and nearby temples to have a glimpse of old cultures and traditions in the area.


Another beautiful honeymoon destination is Thekkady. The location is surrounded by pristine hills, lakes, tea estates, and a few wildlife sanctuaries. So, if you like to sip from freshly plucked and brewed tea, you can enjoy that., Or else, go for long, walks within the tea estates. Plus, head to the hills, and go for some trekking which is great for beginners.

What can couples do for their honeymoon in Thekkady, Kerala?

You can see the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and go for a boat ride on Periyar Lake. If you are lucky, you will be able to see wild elephants crossing the boundaries and also witness migratory birds in the area.


An undisturbed haven of nature in Kerala is Vagamon. This serene place holds a side of love and peace that every honeymoon couple would love to experience. The hills are small, yet, well-wrapped with velvet-like grass. Just about 150 km from the International Cochin Airport, it is easily accessible.

What can couples do for their honeymoon in Vagamon, Kerala?

Here, you have a lot of dairy farms and tea estates and you can visit the three famous hills namely Murugan, Kurisimala, and Thangal. For adventurous couples, there are rock climbing sessions and luxurious accommodations to unwind and spice up your love life amid nature.

To Conclude

Aren't these magical and romantic honeymoon experiences great to start off your love life in the most memorable manner? Try visiting them for once and you will always love to come back. Kerala is perfect for lovers who do not want to get into the hustle in between their private times, Stay calm, enjoy nature, tickle your tastebuds with good food, and take plenty of photographs to keep your memories intact.


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