Honeymoon In Kerala

Best Time To Visit Kerala For Honeymoon

A land full of rivers, lush greenery, exotic beaches, and welcoming people, Kerala is a great place for tourists. The unique culture and history of the land also attract travelers to it. The mild climate is another alluring factor. It is best to visit the place between October and February when the climate is most comfortable.

Newlyweds will love Kerala as there are many exceptional honeymoon destinations in the state. The charming locations are suitable for a romantic getaway. It will surely make the bond with your better half much stronger.

It may be the reason why there are so many honeymoon packages to Kerala. Most of them are in the winter season as it is the most preferred time by the tourists.

Climate in Kerala

Many who have not traveled to Kerala believe that it rains year-round in the state. Though it is one of the states in India which records heavy rainfall, it mostly occurs during monsoon. But short spells of moderate rains can be expected during all seasons.

Kerala experiences three seasons: Winter, Summer, and Monsoon. Winter is considered the best season to spend the honeymoon in Kerala.


Monsoon falls between June and September. The south Indian state gets moderate to heavy rainfall in this season. The temperature during this time usually falls between 20 to 27 degrees Celcius. The rush of tourists is relatively low during this time but the rain has an innate beauty that attracts nature lovers. This potential is now marketed under the label monsoon tourism by the government of Kerala.

Watching the rain filling up the rivers and backwaters is a charming sight. If you love the rains, monsoon in Kerala will be a romantic time for your honeymoon. Moreover, the harvest festival of Onam immediately follows the rainy season. Many cultural activities like the exciting traditional boat races, sporting events, and so on take place during Onam. It will surely be great to experience the harmony of the land


The Winter season which falls between October and February is considered the best time of the year for honeymooners to visit Kerala. The pleasant cool climate is rejuvenating. The temperature varies from 16 to 25 degrees Celcius. It would be a great time to visit the hill stations in Kerala. A romantic houseboat ride through the backwaters of Alappuzha is exciting.

Because of the mild climate, the tour agencies provide numerous honeymoon packages to Kerala during this time. So you can get very good deals at a budget price.


Summer is hot and humid in Kerala. The summer season in Kerala starts in March and lasts until the end of May. The temperature can go up to 38 degrees Celcius. Hence it is not considered a suitable time for the tourists. But if you dislike the rain and can stand the heat, you can travel to the place during the summer. Many tourists prefer this time to visit the land despite the warm climate. Hence the number of tourists visiting the place during this season is not so low, especially in hill stations where it is relatively cooler.

Hence if you have no other time than summer to plan your honeymoon trip, do not worry. You can visit the famous hill stations in Kerala like Munnar, Thekkady, and so on.

Choose the time best suited for you

In conclusion, though Kerala is a year-round tourist destination, it is best for honeymooners to visit the land during the winter season. The climate will be pleasant and rejuvenating. You can travel to all the tourist attractions and spend a memorable time in the best honeymoon places in Kerala.


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