Eravikulam National Park : All you need to know!

Eravikulam National Park

Remarkable diversity and beauty make Eravikulam National Park which consists of Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary outstanding among Munnar Places to Visit. The astounding terrain and its outstanding beauty make the hill station loved by nature lovers around the world. Ever since declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1975, the park has gained recognition from travelers especially mountaineers and nature enthusiasts. The endangered species Nilgiri thars and the beautiful Neelakurinji flowers which bloom once in twelve years are prominent attractions of the park. The trip to the park is conducted by the Forest Department, with the intention to reduce air pollution.

Among Munnar sightseeing places, Eravikulam park holds a prominent position because of its diversity. As you drive through the park, you will spot wildlife like the Gaur, Nilgiri Tahr, Sambar Deer, Indian Muntjac, Nilgiri langur, Small-clawed otter, Nilgiri Marten, Indian Porcupine, and Elephants. The park is also home to different species of birds like the orange and black flycatcher,  Nilgiri pipit, white-bellied shortwing, Nilgiri wood pigeon, and Kerala laughing thrush(Palani laughing thrush). Besides wildlife, the park is known for its medicinal plants as well. The park is reserved for the development of biodiversity and wildlife hence activities including hunting, grazing, forestry, and other developmental works are withheld.  Now, you might understand the importance of Eravikulam National Park among the Munnar Places to Visit.

How to reach Eravikulam National Park?

From Munnar town, it takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach the Eravikulam National Park entry. Precisely, the park is 12 km away from Munnar town. You can enjoy an exhilarating drive through the Munnar- Udumalpet road which is winding and misty. The road is safe and breathtaking!

If you are coming in your own vehicle, you have to park in the parking area. Private vehicles are not allowed inside the park. At the entry gate, buy tickets from the allocated counter and then wait for the bus arranged by the Forest department.

When does the park open?

The park is open from 7.00 AM to 4.00 PM. However, between the months of January and March, the park remains closed as it is the calving period of Nilgiri Tahr.

Is there a trekking trail inside the park?

Anamudi Peak
Anamudi Peak

Eravikulam National Park is the main attraction of the highest peak Anamudi Peak, the most loved hill station of mountaineers. The park is known for stunning trekking routes that offer a breathtaking view of grasslands, streams,  and more. Travelers should take special permission to go trekking through these regions.

What are the things to do at the Park?

Among Munnar sightseeing places, Eravikulam National Park offers adventure and relaxation at a go. A rejuvenating experience, the park is known for trekking through Anamudi peak, visiting the interpretation center, Photography, Rajamala exploration, visiting Lakkam Waterfalls and log house, etc. The park is a favorite spot for conducting nature camps, trekking, etc.

Which are the Munnar places to visit near Eravikulam National Park?

Eravikulam National Park is a perfect getaway that helps you to indulge in the therapeutic beauty of nature. A paradise-like land, this place has lots of attractions in and around. The nearby attractions of the park are Attukal Waterfalls, Marayoor Sandalwood,  Tea Museum, Rose Gardens, Pallivasal Falls, Top Station, etc.

Keep this in Mind!

The park is home to a wide range of endangered species hence visitors are asked to follow certain rules strictly. The rules are as follows;

  1. Never use the camera’s flash.
  2. Don't carry food and beverages.
  3. Don't smoke or drink alcohol.
  4. Don't feed animals or carry pet animals.
  5. Don't be loud nor keep the music.
  6. Don't throw plastic or other waste in and around trekking.

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