Silent Valley National Park: Lush Destination With Unique Wildlife

Go back to your roots and enjoy nature in its purest form by visiting Silent Valley National Park

Have you ever wondered about how pristine and fragile our mother earth was before we robbed her for our selfishness? Now the nature around us is being substituted with urban forest, toxic gases, and unbearable climatic changes. So where do we go to find a place that takes us back to our roots?

Well, a 66 km drive from Mannarkkad, Palakkad lies a lush tropical rain forest on the folds of southern Western Ghats. The virgin forest called the Silent Valley National Park or Sairandhivanam owes its name to a story in the epic Mahabharat. The locals proudly narrate the story as- During the 13 years disguised exile of Pandavas, Draupadi, wife of Pandavas disguised herself as her maid and along with her husbands stayed in a cave near the Kunthipuzha. Hence the place got the name. Another popular modern tale claims that the British investigator Robert Wight named the forest Silent Valley since he heard no noisy cicadas in the forest.

A one-hour jeep drive from Mukkali or a 5 hours uphill trek will take you to this enchanting forest lost in time. The steep escarpments and ridges have kept the magical fairyland hidden under its multi-layered canopies from man. Silent valley is home to unique wildlife and plants. Home to rare animals like the lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri Langur, Malabar Squirrel, and King Cobra. The valley is a treasure hold for wildlife photographers, nature lovers, and gutsy trekkers.

The view from the watchtower gives you the panoramic view of the green-carpeted forest with the Kunthipuzha meandering. Kunthipuzha is the ideal spot to encounter wild herds of elephants. As long as you do not bump in alone tusker moving through the thick foliage, you are good to go.

Only seasoned trekkers survive the undulating terrain of the national park. You need to get official permission from the forest department in Mukkali or Wildlife Warden from Manarcad. Camping facilities arranged by the forest department are available deep inside the forest.

If you are a soul in search of pristine nature, September to March is the ideal time to ask your tour agent to book Kerala tour packages covering Silent Valley national park.


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