The Top 3 Picnic Spots in Ancient Madurai

Madurai is said to be the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu and it gifts an experience that unfolds like a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. The Madurai travelogue reads like a well-written epic with its archeological landmarks and monuments bookmarking a story that dates back 2 millennia. That's right! Madurai has existed for 2000 years and has established itself in the annals of Indian history and mythology.

 The Madurai tourism package – What to expect?

Madurai has welcomed travelers for a long time and the Madurai tourism package provides you with a comprehensive list of destinations that are both ancient and modern. This means it's not going to be all historic ruins, museums, and temple visits, but you also get to visit enjoy the beautiful eco-parks, scenic hills, and an amusement park to boot. Madurai has a diversity of experiences that is guaranteed to surprise you.

Stunning Picnic spots near Madurai to look out for

While rushing off from one attraction to the next it helps, when you take a break to relax and immerse yourself fully in this historic experience. That's why we have compiled a list of the 3 best picnic spots to relax near Madurai.


Samanar hills have been declared a protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India. The Samanar hills or Samanar ‘Malai' as it's known locally is a hill rock cave complex that was the abode of Tamil-Jain monks about 2000 years ago. This cave complex was used as a way station for traveling monks. Its 15 kilometers away from the Madurai railway station and is located in a village called ‘Keelakuyilkudi'. The ‘Karuppanasamy' temple is a landmark near the base of the hill that marks the path leading up to the cave complex.

The gentle slope and the steps carved onto the terrain help ease the climb. You will find cot-like stone platforms, beautiful wall carvings of deities, and scripts in Sanskrit engraved on the rock walls. A clear all-round view of the surroundings from the hilltop makes this a great spot to relax and unwind. The vista of a fertile landscape with paddy fields, ponds, plantations, and temples make Samanar the top destination on our list.

Thiruparankundram ECO Park

Thiruparan Kundramecological Park is an initiative implemented by the Madurai Corporation to attract tourists. With easy access to recreational activities, this is a good option for the family. A well maintained ecological park where you can enjoy boat rides, visit the Rajaji Children's Park and view the water fountain display with ornamental lights. This is a great first stop before setting out to explore the sights of Madurai. The park is located close to 5 kilometers away from the Madurai railway station.

3 ThirumalaiNayakkar Palace

Tirumala Nayakkar Palace

The Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace is located around 2 kilometers southeast of the Meenakshi Amman Temple, which is the most famous temple in Madurai. The palace showcases a classic fusion of Dravidian and Rajput styles of construction. Considered to be one of the major wonders of ancient India, the palace was built around 1636 AD by King Tirumala Nayaka, a king of Madurai’s Nayaka dynasty. Huge pillars with airy arches and spacious corridors bring back the nostalgia and wonders of a prominent era from ancient India. The ruling dynasty employed the palace to promote rich art forms that are still treasured in Tamil Nadu.

While it's not advisable to have a picnic inside the palace, the surrounding garden gives you the space to relax and catch your breath while you can visualize the ancient glory of this palace in its heyday.

 A piece of traveler advice for you

Before concluding, we share one final takeaway with you for your Madurai Tourism Package. Make sure that your tour operator covers the places listed here. Last but not the least, you can fully appreciate the myth and wonder of this city only if you're curious about its history and heritage. If you do that, it's like taking a ride in a time capsule to experience the richness of Tamil culture and of ancient India.


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