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Ponmudi or the Golden Peak is one of the topmost Thiruvananthapuram attractions. The peak is located 915 meters above sea level. Enroute Ponmudi situates Meenmutty waterfalls which help sightseers engross in the solitude of nature. The Ponmudi peak is known for the presence of wildlife animals especially Nilgiri tahr. Between the month of August-February, the peak and the route is mist-covered, a visual treat for beauty seekers. The greenery of Ponmudi is beautified by the presence of butterflies, rivers, springs, deer parks, etc. Varayadu Motta is the highest peak in Ponmudi. It is one of the favorite trekking peaks of adventure seekers. A drive to the peak is exciting because the route is known for the hairpin bends, woods, and waterfalls.