Best Months For Travelling To Kerala

6 Reasons Why September to March Is Considered The Best Months For Travelling To Kerala

Kerala’s peak tourism season is a moment of absolute bliss for the eyes and mind. This is one of the few lands in India that has evergreen nature, wildlife, and a lovely climate all year round. One of the best times to visit this southern state of India is between September – March as the climate becomes cool and the humid sessions reduce considerably. Plus since this is a time phase just after the rains have given their cooling showers and the land is soaked in plenty of water and freshness. For those who love the earthy smell and witness the fresh green sprouts of various trees, Kerala will be a pleasurable sight to see.

From September until March, you can use Kerala tour packages as there are seven major choices every tourist has once they land in Kerala.


The state may be small, but whether you land in Kozhikode or Kochi, or Trivandrum, the place has such a welcoming climate to offer. In December the sunny days are not too bright, yet the blue skies give off a totally positive vibe. For those who love the life that stays away from the city chaos and tech-based interactions, certain areas in Kerala are totally nature friendly. You can set off on lovely road drives, bike drives, and even adventure rides that help you see the landscapes in all their grandeur. Kerala’s climate is pretty moderate, which means it is neither too hot nor too cold. The early mornings are laden with misty skies and as the sun rises, you can feel the gentle heat brace through along with the cool winds.

Outdoor activities

Want to step outside? Kerala tourist places are here with the best sights and sound to entice your mind. There are plenty of adventure trek pathways and the hill stations are great for outdoor activities. You can head to Munnar, Vagamon, and other high-level places where the air is free from toxic smells and you can embrace freshness here.

Especially if you are planning for honeymoon tours in Kerala, our travel experts can arrange candle night dinners and tree house stays to make the trip all the more memorable. Then do not forget to please your adventure nerves with activities like paragliding, surfing, parasailing, mountain climbing, safari trips, rocky road cycling, kayaking and so much more.

Water-based activities – best for Kerala tourist season

In a land where the entire state is surrounded by water banks, you can indulge in plenty of water-based outdoor activities. This can include water skiing. Most people however have always fallen in love with the Alappuzha waters. The calm waters of this lake are perfect for houseboat rides and you can even live for a night on these luxurious houseboats., Travel across half of Kerala within this lake, and witness the simple and warm lifestyle that people in Kerala practice. For those who love the deep waters, you can head for various water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. The water in Alappuzha is great for kayaking, while if you head to Fort Kochi – you can be well entertained by activities like snorkeling and many underwater swimming sessions.

Best Season to travel

Think about cool and balmy climates and that is what we like to explain Kerala’s climate as. This is why the Kerala tourist season is simply too addictive to enjoy. There is a well-balanced atmosphere where you get sufficient sunshine and no rain. This makes the rides and the trips so much more pleasant. You can go on safaris or beach stays with no fuss at all. In December, Kerala has the best season to enjoy tours and see the place in your comfort. In fact, in South India, this place is visited the most, as Kerala has a lovely mix of city and country life in every corner of the state. So, you can enjoy nature and also keep your technology by your side during the whole trip with us.

Festive Celebrations

It is that time of the year when you get to see the beauty of Kerala, enjoy Christmas, and also enter a New Year in total bliss. So, December stands to be one of the most celebrated months in Kerala. Here you can be part of fests, and public festive events that bring various communities under the festive mood. Shop as much as you want and also enjoy a food fiesta that hails from various parts of the state. Kerala people are known to be generous in their service and foreigners can have a gala time enjoying the traditional stews, and various snacks that are made only in Kerala.

Best Tourist Season

This is a time when you can travel to Kerala, as there are plenty of tour trips and offers that surround this time period. With so many places to visit, you can get access to some of the best hotels, spas, massage, and ayurvedic centers that will help you experience natural body treatment. Take advantage of this holiday season in December and walk into New Year in January too with all the pomp that nature has to offer in Kerala.

Explore Kerala tour packages at these Multiple Venues

The last in our list of why you need to visit Kerala this December are listed right here. It includes so many options to travel like:


The land of coastal lands with calm waters will have silvery sands too in the same place, right? One of the most visited and top beaches in Kerala is Kovalam Beach. The beaches are clean, widespread, and perfect for a dip. You can find street vendors selling snacks and pickles which are a delicacy during these outings. For a trip to Kerala, you should visit the other famous beaches in Kerala like Payyoli Beach, Varkala Beach, Alappuzha Beach, Cherai Beach, Marari, and Kappad Beach., Each of them is known for its scenic beauty in a different and mesmerizing manner.

Hill Stations

Kerala is a dreamy land with a lot of highlands. One of the most famous Hill stations includes Munnar and Vagamon. They are quaint and have a small village that is totally dependent on agriculture. One can come along with our travel experts and see these hill stations for a 4- 7 day trip to Kerala. Make sure to visit Wayanad as the place allows you to witness various rare breeds of wildlife habitats and wildlife in real in these protected areas. The other hill stations are Lakkidi, Thiruvambadi, Idukki, Thekkady, Vithuram Ponmudi, Malampuzha, Gavi, Ranipuram, Peermade, Athirapally, Silent Valley and this trail does not end here. Our tour experts will guide you to places that are great to go to during the months of December and January.

Wildlife Sanctuaries, Nature Parks & Museums

Awaken the wildlife enthusiast in you by adding these places to your travel itinerary once you start your Kerala Trip:
Eravikulam National Park. Periyar Tiger Reserve, Tata Tea Museum, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, Dream Land Fun, Edakkal Caves and Adventure, Photo Point, Karikadu View Point, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Kallar, Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary, Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary, Varakkal Temple, Mini Zoo, Echo Point, Koyikkal Palace, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Murugan Hill, Pattumala Church, Echo Point, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Grampi, Sahyadri Ayurvedic Centre, Fantasy Park, Tala Kaveri Temple, Bekal Fort, Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary, Malom Village, Snake Park, Rock Garden, Adiyogi – The Source of Yoga, Green Park Ayurvedic and Spices Plantation

Waterfalls & Dams

Our list may go endless, still, we have listed some of the must-visit dams and waterfalls in Kerala: Thumboormuzhi Dam, Banasura Sagar Dam, Mattupetty Dam, Thumboormuzhy Dam, Neyyar Dam, Idukki Arch Dam, Karapuzha Dam, Peringalkuthu Dam, Neer Veezhcha Waterfall, Athirappilly Waterfalls, Attukad Waterfalls, Vazhachal Waterfalls, Athirapally Waterfalls, Meenmutty Falls, Vazhachal Waterfalls, Charpa Waterfalls, Dhoni Waterfalls, Charpa Waterfalls

Ready to book your trip to Kerala this time?

If our list has piqued your excitement, we assure you that the real signs and sounds of winter tourism in Kerala are way more memorable. Get to experience real-life green landscapes, fresh food, a totally refreshing spa treatment, and wildlife that is protected in their natural settings. If you want to know more about how many places you can visit in a day or for a week, let our guides know. We will get in touch to help you plan a tailor-made trip to Kerala in the coming days.


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