65 Travel Hacks That Will Help You Become A Traveling Expert

Posted on September 19 2019 at 10:21 AM

Traveling is a passion and a sense of freedom for many. Going around the world visiting different places, studying their culture and traditions, tasting the cuisines and mingling with people all is an experience of a lifetime. While the whole experience of traveling can be rewarding, sometimes the expenditure may cripple some wanderers from pursuing their desire to see new places. Travel hacks come in handy to help you travel tension-free, be economical, be safe, be healthy, and also informed. So here are some fantastic travel hacks that may come in handy while you are traveling alone, with family or friends.

1. Do your research

Research is the very first and most crucial step for you while planning a trip. Try to sort out the following:

  • Where you want to travel to?
  • When are you planning to travel?
  • Determine the weather conditions of your destination?
  • Find the type of activities you want to indulge in during the trip?

Your research will help you plan efficiently so that you can carry with you the only stuff you require.

2.Research your wardrobe 

Minimalistic is the new mantra. Pack your minimalist wardrobe for the destination. Research the dressing culture of your destination. It is essential to pack the right clothing & shoes. Artistically create a capsule wardrobe for the trip. The concept is to make a maximum number of outfits from less number of cloths. For example, with four tops and eight pants, you can create 32 outfits. Carry with you the dresses that come under simple universal pallets you can work with. The basic rule is to avoid overpacking. Next, plan your travel wardrobe based on your research. Try wearing your heavy clothing like jackets, especially if you are traveling to cold destinations. You may opt for neutral color coats that go with any outfit and saves you from packing bulky. You can wear jackets or coats with extra pockets where you can carry small things that you cannot pack into your suitcase.  

3.Narrow down your shoe numbers

Try to take less amount of shoes. If you are traveling in summer, carry walking sandals and a pair of shoes. If you are traveling in winter, bring a pair of sneakers, a pair of boots and a pair of dress shoes. Select colors that go with any costume.

4. Take a break from electronics

The tech-savvy world is strapped with electronics in every walk of our life. There are situations where you are left handicapped without your devices. Avoid taking all your devices with you. Your smartphone can perform the function of multiple devices with different apps and adapters.

5. Avoid the just in case items

We, humans, are always prepared for what-if situations. But while traveling, it is best to avoid bulky baggage with unnecessary things. You can resource many of the stuff from the place you visit. Be clear of the activities you would be doing and also the gear you need. For example, you don't need an extra toothbrush for just in case situations.

6. Use packing cubes

Packing cubes are small zipper cubes that save space and helps you quickly find your stuff without making a mess of your suitcase. Zipper bags can be used to pack your clothes in a more compressed manner giving you more packing space. You can easily roll your clothes into the cubes.

7.If you lose your luggage

Tag your luggage with your name and phone number before the trip so that in case you forget your luggage anywhere the tag will quickly help other people to return your luggage to you.

8. Pack the heaviest at the bottom

Remember to pack all your heavy things at the bottom of the luggage. Back your woolens, shoes and heavy stuff in the order of descending order of the weight. The smaller stuff can be securely packed at the top, reducing the risk of damage. This hack also makes sure that you can make some easy adjustments in the packing to quickly zip in the zipper.


You have to take off your belt while moving through the security check. It can be annoying, especially if you are wearing loose-fitting clothes. You may end up embarrassing if you hobble through the X-ray machine hopping your pants won't fall off. The most feasible solution is to wear a belt with plastic buckles. In case you are not using your belt, you may roll them into the collar of your button-down shirt. This keeps your collar stiff and saves space.
10.Pack extra clothing in your carry on
Try carrying extra clothes in your carry-on in case you lose your language. In case if you are traveling with kids, a change of clotting comes handy if they become sick during the flight.

11. Travel by public transportation
When traveling to an unknown country or the city, travelers prefer to travel by private cars, uber or taxi. The main reason is not wanting to get lost in a strange town or getting into unwanted troubles with the locals, especially if they don't know the local language. The taxis and uber etc. can be a bit costly. After doing thorough research on the safety of the paces, you may choose to use public transport which is cheap and reliable. 
12.Plan your vacations close to public holidays
Combining your holidays with public holidays offers you the advantage of making your trip longer without disappointing your employer for taking long leaves from work. Though traveling during public holidays can become a little crowded and expensive, yet it's worth a try to get a long break from work.
13.Travel off-season & save money 
Traveling during the peak of tourist season can be beyond budget. There are destinations around the that are fun to visit even during off-seasons. The main perk of traveling off-season is that you get plane tickets, hotel bookings, and entertainment fees, etc. at a much lower rate. The weather may not be as high as the lower rates that you get, still, if you are on a budget and still want a wonderful vacation, try off-season holidays.
14. Look into city passes
If you're traveling to a major city, you should research the city passes if you plan on going to famous tourist spots. These can save you time and sometimes help you pass the line. Are you going to Portugal? Get a Lisboa Card to get unlimited travel by public transportation, free entry into museums, and more deals. Paris has the Paris Museum Pass, which gets you free entry into more than 60 famous museums and monuments. Florence has the Firenze Card for access to all major museums as well.
15. Use credit cards with travel perks
Applying for yet another credit card might not seem like the best way to save money, but it is when it comes to travel perks. Individual credit cards help you rack up frequent flyer miles without even getting on an airplane so that you can save money on your airfare, your hotel, your rental car, and more. Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the best travel cards out there, as it offers 2x points on travel and dining, and 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases, as well as travel insurance and deals. 
16. Use Crayons instead of candles
Use crayons as candles during travel. A handy travel hack that you may use while camping out in the forest or hill stations. Its believed that usually, a pencil burns up to half an hour offering light. Using crayons is a double advantage. You can use them to write down or draw something also.
17.The Hoodie Pillow

Use hoodie as a pillow on bus, plane, train, and taxi. It is a normal thing to do since other travelers wear their hoodies or hold them on their laps, while they’re passed out with their head smashing against the chicken bus window. You can fold your hoodie so that you’ll have a beautiful, comfy pillow that can rival those in beautiful hotel rooms.

18. Use local SIM cards

We usually tend to maintain the mobile number from our home town wherever we travel. But the maintenance charge is very high. The best solution to this is to use local SIM cards from countries you go to. Here the rates will be meager with added benefits of high-speed internet. All you need is an ID proof and small fee to get the local SIM card.

19. Keep a stash of snacks

While traveling, eating out of the restaurants are very expensive. Carry a stash of snacks in your backpack is a great way to fill your hungry stomach between main meals and a healthy option where you don't find clean eat outs. This option can save you a lot of money.
20. Staying safe is a two-step process

While choosing a hotel for your stay, make sure it is in a safe and secure area of the city you visit. It is ok to make friends with the locals of the town but be cautious about what you say. Never answer to leading questions like- “Where do you stay here?” Inform your hotel reception that you are going out before you leave the hotel. It leaves a timestamp of your whereabouts with someone.

21.Charging your devices

It’s essential to make sure you charge your devices as much as possible before you travel. However, if you’re in a pinch and can’t find a charging station inside the airport, one spot you can check is behind the television. Most TVs these days have USB ports on the backs that you should be able to plug into. 
22. Be kind to the flight attendants
This one is common sense. However, it’s good to keep in mind that flight attendants are ordinary people too, just trying to do their job and get through the workday. Treating them nice instead of like your slave will go a long way towards getting better service. If you have a request, be polite about it and remember to smile.
A lot of people end up getting dehydrated while traveling. Try to drink the right amount of water before heading to the airport. It’s best to order water on the plane for drink service instead of things like coffee or sodas with caffeine.
24. Avoid alcohol
Another component of staying hydrated is to avoid alcohol. Alcohol will also mess up your REM sleep, causing you to be more tired and out of it upon arriving at your destination. Being hungover to start your trip sucks.
25. Bring disinfectant wipes
With so many people traveling through airports daily, they often end up being substantial breeding grounds for bacteria. Help yourself not to not to get sick by using disinfectant wipes liberally. When you get on the plane, one of the first things you should do is wipe down your tray table!
26.Hand sanitizer

Another critical aspect of staying germ-free is bringing hand sanitizer gel. Use it during your travel. Just make sure that the bottle you bring is under 3.4oz and stored in a ziplock bag so that it makes it through security.
27. Turn the air on
Keeping the air blowing on you throughout your flight helps keep the germs away. It also works to prevent your skin from drying out too much. If the air feels a little cold for you, no worries, just put a light sweatshirt or jacket on.
28.Exercise beforehand
If you have the time, getting a short workout in before heading to the airport is always a good idea. It will boost your endorphins and give you the energy you need to power through your day of travel. It will also make it easier to take a nap if you’d like later on once you get on the flight.
29. Remove your batteries from appliances
If you are packing something like an electric razor or toothbrush that runs on batteries into your suitcase, it is wise to remove the cells. This is to avoid your device gets switched on as they may get shuffled while moving. Not only does security not like this, but it will also drain your batteries!
30. Be careful when you use your headphones

We all love listening to music and listening to podcasts, but one place you should be very careful about doing so is when you are sitting at your gate. If you have your headphones on, you may miss essential gate announcements about your flight.

31. Bring some Ziploc bags with you

You never know when you are going to need a Ziploc bag while traveling. They can be instrumental. Put your liquids in them going through security, store some snacks in them, or use them to keep your phone dry on one of your travel excursions.
32.Set your phone on airplane mode
If you are not using your phone and aren’t expecting any important calls, you should set your phone in airplane mode to save battery. It’s incredible how long the charge will last if you do this. You may arrive at your destination to find that the battery has miraculously only dropped a percent or two.
33.Photograph your parking spot
Remembering where you parked your car after returning from a trip can often be a considerable challenge. Help yourself not to forget by taking a photo of your parking spot as well as any relevant signs and numbers in the lot. This will make things a lot easier for you upon your return.
34.Massage your feet
It’s easy to get foot cramps when on a plane packed into those tight seats. Treat yourself to an inflight foot massage by bringing a golf ball with you. Take off your shoes and roll the golf ball under your feet. It will feel great. Just don’t let the ball go running away!
35.Wear glasses instead of contacts
Taking your contacts out to sleep on planes is a big hassle. Connections also tend to dry out when traveling through airports anyway, so it’s much more comfortable to wear your glasses right from the start. If you feel you must wear your contacts, however, make sure to bring eye drops with you!
36.Check-In early

Make sure you arrive early for your check-in at the airport. That way, you can avoid being bumped from an oversold flight, choose the best available seats, take advantage of any potential last-minute upgrades and get advance notice of any flight changes or problems (like your family not being seated together).
37.Carrying a hot styling tool
Take along a heat-resistant carrying case so that you can pack your equipment after use. If you don’t have one, you can also use a potholder to wrap up that straightener or curling iron. 
38.Have a Plan B
When you’re traveling, it is straightforward for things to go sideways. Leave your contact number with friends and family before you set out. Use free WiFi in your hotel, or a café to stay in touch with them regularly, so they know you’re safe. Always leave a trail of breadcrumbs so that they know when to start looking for you in case you go MIA. 
39.Medicine bottle for cotton swabs
Keep your q-tips clean and together by storing them in an old pill bottle. 
40.Tic-tac box for bobby pins
Bobby pins, like glitter, get EVERYWHERE fast. Store them in an old tic-tac container 
41.Protect razor with a binder clip
There’s nothing worse than digging through your toiletry bag only to feel that sharp sting of your multi-blade razor. Avoid this problem altogether by covering your blade with a simple binder clip.
42.No more middle seat

If you find yourself getting stuck with the middle seat all the time, you need to make an account with Expert Flyer. Set up a seat alert using their website. Then if someone changes places at any time before your flight, it will send you a notification, and you can swoop in to get reassigned.
43. Scan the copy of your immigration documents & passport
Make sure you scan your passport and immigration documents. Send them to your family back home to ensure that you can use it in case you lose your original documents. Keep the documents with you inside a fanny bag so that there are minimum chances of losing them.

44.Carry power banks

Before you leave for a trip, charge your phone fully. Your phone is the main point of contact for your family back home, your friends and most importantly your travel agent. Make sure to carry high storage capacity power bank to charge your phones when plug points are not available. Also, carry a universal phone charger if you are traveling to another country. Not every country will have the same plugin format. Carry a power strip that allows your family to charge their phones simultaneously.

45.Emergency medicines

When you are traveling with kids, you don't know when they may fall sick. Consult a pediatrician before you set out on the trip to consult for emergency medicines for your kids and consult your doctor for you also. They may suggest few medicines that may come handy during the trip to reduce the first impact of the disease. However, keep in mind that you need to rush the sick person to the hospital immediately. Also, carry medicines that you consume regularly. The chances are that such medicines may not be easily available.

46.Organize entertainments

Traveling with kids can get frustrating and irritating. Especially long flights can become monotonous and exhausting. Kids start fussing around a lot. So you need to entertain them. So store your iPad with kids' entertainment programs. Ensure you download the programs at least a day before the trip. The programs will keep your kids fully engaged. Carry some indoor games with you so that your kids have fun at the destinations. Carry gel stickers for your kids to paste them on the windows of planes if they get to sit on the window seat.

47.Share responsibilities

Not every arrangement needs to be done by one person alone. Planning a full family trip and managing is not easy. Divide the responsibilities among the members. Involve them in the planning process. Ask your older kids to manage their youngers. By sharing responsibilities, your family works as a team. The bond between siblings, couples, parents, and children become stronger.

48.Download Google Maps

Download google maps on your phone. The navigation software can help you keep track of your trip. The application can help you find shops, restaurants, petrol pumps, etc. easily. The navigation software comes handy during an urgent situation. You can make use of free WiFi facilities offered by the airport, restaurants, etc. 

49.Proper financial management

Call with your credit card companies to check if their services are available to the destination you are traveling to. Ensure you carry local change with you to make small payments or at outlets where credit cards are not accepted. 

50.phone number hand bracelets

A fun yet most important way to ensure that your kids have your number on them. You may sting number beads to form your number and let the kids wear them. This is a far better choice than the travel tags which may get lost or torn. If your kids get lost, they can use the number on the bracelet to contact you.

51. First Aid Kit

If you have medication daily, make sure you carry them in your kit. Try to include emergency medicines like aspirin, badges, disinfectants, etc. It's always important to carry a first aid kit on travel since not necessary that you may find a medical store inside a forest or a remote destination.

52. Essential toiletries

Maintaining personal hygiene is an essential habit required for a wanderer. You may be allergic to toiletries like soap, handwash, etc. available locally at the destination. So ensure you carry toiletries you use. Make sure to include hand sanitizers as you may not get water to keep your hands clean every time, and also it may come handy when you use public loos.

53. Use fanny bags

Make sure you carry your travel documents, Id proofs, credit or debit cards, etc. inside a fanny bag available in varied designs and brands. This helps you keep your stuff safe from pickpockets. Not every place you visit is safe & corruption-free.

54.Carry a universal mobile charger

Your phone is essential to the point of contact. Make sure your phone is fully charged and has enough call balance. Make sure you carry a universal mobile charger as different countries have different electrical specifications. Also, carry a USB portable power bank that will come in handy when you are traveling.

55.Well planned itinerary

Exploring places without a plan is a very bold and daring step a seasoned traveler can opt for. But if you are a first-timer, its not advisable to travel without proper planning. Always travel with a proper itinerary which helps you enjoy the trip tension free. This helps you utilize your time in exploring the destination rather than searching for accommodation for the night.

56.Replenishing food

Carry small packets for dry fruits and ready to eat meals on a trip. This helps you to keep you energetic throughout the trip. Carry drinking water and avoid consuming water from places that seem unhygienic to avoid water infections.

57. Avoid valuable items

There is a high risk of losing valuable items on a trip. Always avoid the risk of attracting thieves and pickpockets while traveling. So kindly feel free to keep your valuable items in the safety of your home.

58.Comfortable footwear

Wear comfortable footwear while traveling. Avoid heels or fancy footwear which makes your journey uncomfortable and also damages your expensive shoes. It's preferable if you wear a pair of sneakers.

60.Emergency contact numbers

You may imagine- Why do I need to write down emergency numbers when I have them saved on my phone? Well, what if your phone & your power bank runs out of power? How will you contact someone during an emergency if you do not have the numbers by heart? So this is where the list of numbers in your notepad comes handy.

61. Water bottle

Carry a water bottle with you so that you may fill it at a water fountain after the airport security check. A bottle of water that comes in handy when you are having a long ride on the road.

62.Hire a Tour operator

Hire a tour operator to book your tour packages. Especially to book flights if you are into frequent travel. They have travel sites covered up with information on travel destinations from all over the world.

63. Use local currency

Keep a small amount of local currency with you while traveling. The local currency will come in handy while purchasing from small shops. You may either take the help of currency exchange offices at airports to get the local currency. You may use ATMs to get the local currency.

64. Use free WiFi

Make use of free WiFi facilities offered at airports, restaurants, and even railway stations to download necessary applications, search your destination, and stay connected with your family and friends. Ask for the WFWiFi password from the concerned authorities.

65. Mark your baggage as fragile

Mark your luggage as fragile if any items may break. Also, tag your bags with your name or initials for easy identification at the baggage claim belt.
So now are you ready to travel smart? Travel hacks make your travel comfortable and stress-free. Travel tips are born out of the experience you have during your vagabond life. The best travel hack any traveler should learn is-” Learn to use what you have on you at the minute to your advantage .” 

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